Location Of The University Of Eldoret In Kenya

by Lotela Paul  - January 12, 2022

The University of Eldoret is one of the universities in Kenya that recently received an upgrade of status and an accompanying charter. The University of Eldoret was previously known as Chepkoilel University College in Kenya until mid-February 2013 when the president of Kenya then, Mwai Kibaki, gave the campus a charter to operate as a full-fledged university.

The history of the University of Eldoret in Kenya dates a while back. In 1946, the colonialists founded a large scale farmers training centre in Eldoret in Kenya. The training centre was then converted into a teachers training college in 1984 and renamed as Moi Teachers Training College in Kenya.

In 1990, Moi University in Kenya was overwhelmed by the double intake and took up the teachers training as one of its campuses. The teachers training college was then renamed to Chepkoilel campus in Eldoret. Moi University Chepkoilel Campus in Kenya mainly offered natural sciences as well as both basic and applied science related disciplines.

The Chepkoilel campus was then upgraded into a constituent college of Moi University in 2010 as per legal notice 125. The Chepkoilel constituent college of Moi University then gained university status in 2013.

The University of Eldoret in Kenya is located approximately 9 kilometers from Eldoret town. The University of Eldoret is located along the Ziwa Road, off the Eldoret-Iten highway in Eldoret town in Kenya. To board a matatu to University of Eldoret in Eldoret town, you access the matatu in the stage near National Bank in Eldoret. The University of Eldoret has currently enrolled at least 10,000 students in Kenya. University of Eldoret also has a staff totaling 1,100 people.

Some of the faculties in the University of Eldoret include:

School of Agriculture and Biotechnology in University of Eldoret

Agriculture and Biotechnology faculty in University of Eldoret encompasses family consumer disciplines such as food science and nutrition, food service technology, fashion and design, biotechnology and biochemistry.

Business and Management Sciences faculty in University of Eldoret

The faculty of business and management in University of Eldoret offers disciplines such as hotel management, agricultural economics, tours and travel as well as tours and management.

Education faculty in University of Eldoret

The University of Eldoret, being a rather science based campus offers studies in education mathematics, science, biology, chemistry and physics.

Engineering faculty in University of Eldoret

Engineering is a newly introduced department in the University of Eldoret, and offers agricultural and biosystems engineering, civil and structural engineering as well as mechanical and production engineering.

Environmental Studies faculty in University of Eldoret

The school of environmental studies in University of Eldoret is then divided into two: Environmental Studies Arts faculty – includes planning and management, social sciences and Environmental studies Science faculty- hydrology, biology and health.

These are some of the courses offered within the University of Eldoret in Kenya. Eldoret University also has a couple of fish farms for those in the aquatic fields in Kenya.

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