Location Of Moi Nyeri Complex Primary School In Nyeri Town In Kenya

by Lotela Paul  - March 7, 2022

Moi Nyeri Complex in Kenya is one of the public primary schools in Nyeri town. Moi Nyeri Complex is located approximately 1.5 kilometres from Nyeri town in King’ong’o part of Nyeri town on the Nyeri-Kiganjo Road. The Moi Nyeri Complex school in Nyeri town in Kenya had its glory years as it was a school for the whites during the colonial era in Kenya. In those colonial times in Kenya, Moi Nyeri Complex Primary School was inaccessible to ordinary Kenyans.

Moi Nyeri Complex Primary school in Kenya was the school of choice for most affluent Kenyans including President Yoweri Museveni of Uganda. President Yoweri Museveni of Uganda had his daughter attend her primary education I this glorious Moi Nyeri Complex Primary school right in the heart of the Central Highlands of Kenya.

Other ministers in Kenya such as Simoen Nyachae, The Late Angaine as well as David Musila schooled their children in Moi Nyeri Complex Primary School in Nyeri town in Kenya. Moi Nyeri Complex was a deary to the former president Moi, as the school bore his name. The former president of Kenya, Daniel Moi would often make announced visits to the Moi Nyeri Complex Primary school in Kenya and leave a handsome amount of money for “watato wa nyayo”-which means Moi’s children.

Moi Nyeri Complex Primary School offers a Kenyan curriculum of education, focusing of the 5 core subjects: mathematics, English, Swahili, social studies and science. The Moi Nyeri Complex Primary school has four classes per stream totaling its population to over 1,000 students in Kenya. Moi Nyeri Complex Primary School also offers boarding facilities in Kenya for willing students. The Moi Nyeri Complex Primary school in Kenya has four dormitories, 2 for boys and 2 for girls.

Moi Nyeri Complex was the only public primary school in Kenya that had a swimming pool at the time. Moi Nyeri Complex Primary glory in Kenya was unmatched. However, with the introduction of free primary school in Kenya and the sprouting of academies and private schools in Kenya, Moi Nyeri Complex has long lost its glory. The current headmaster of Moi Nyeri Complex Primary school attributes the declining performance to the high influx of students in Kenya since the introduction of the free primary education. The Moi Nyeri Complex Primary school management in Kenya is planning on adding an extra class to depopulate the existing classrooms.

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