Location Of Karatina University Itiati Campus In Kenya

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Karatina University in Kenya is a university in Nyeri County which was a former Moi University Central Kenya Campus. Karatina University has a conducive environment for academic studies in Kenya since its main campus and most of Karatina University other campuses such as Karatina University Itiati Campus are located far from the hustles and bustles of Karatina town life in Kenya. Karatina University in Kenya has Campuses in Kagochi (Main campus), Nyeri town, Karatina town, Itiati and Nanyuki town. The Karatina University Town Campus is also located in a quiet and serene environment, just off the town towards the Karatina Police offices and opposite Karatina Law Courts. The Karatina University Itiati Campus is located just a few minutes from the Karatina University Main Campus in Kagochi area in Karatina town.

Karatina University Itiati Campus is located on Karatina Kiawarigi way just past Itiati Primary School and Itiati Tea Collection factory in Karatina parts of Kenya. To get to Karatina University Itiati Campus in Kenya, you use matatus from Karatina Kiawarigi stage. Matatus to Itiati Cmapus of Karatina University are usually near Elephant Castle Hotel in Karatina town. The matatu to Itiati campus in Nyeri County are usually next to matatus to Kiawarigi, Itiati, Shauri Moyo, Magutu, and other parts of Karatina in Kenya. The mamatus to Karatina University Itiati Campus charge Ksh 50 as fare from Karatina Campus to the Itiati University campus gate.

Karatina University College, which was the constituent of Moi University in Mt Kenya region, first introduced Itiati Campus as the School of Education and Social Sciences in Kenya. The Karatina University College was later in 2013 issued with a Charter under the era of former president of Kenya, Hon Mwai Kibaki.

Karatina University in Kenya first started as a Tea Training institute in Mt Kenya Region. Karatina University in Kenya offers a range of market driven courses in Kenya. Karatina University offer Masters courses, Bachelors courses, Diploma courses and Certificate Programs in Kenya. You can email Karatina University in Central Kenya via their email address on info@karatinauniversity.ac.ke  or access Karatina University website via www.karatinauniversity.ac.ke 


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