Location Of Kabarak University Main Campus In Kenya

by Laura Wanjiru  - November 10, 2022

Kabarak University in Kenya is one of the known private universities in Kenya that offer credible programmes from certificate programmes in Kenya, degree programmes in Kenya, diploma programmes in Kenya to master’s programmes in Kenya. The Kabarak University in Kenya was established in 2001 where it operates under the letter of interim authority which was granted by the former commission for high education in Kenya (the present commission of university education in Kenya). The Kabarak University main campus in Kenya was officially chartered in 2008 by the former president of Kenya; Mwai Kibaki (the third president of Kenya) and this enabled the Kabarak University in Kenya to award degrees to students in Kenya who attain them in various courses.

The Kabarak University Main Campus in Kenya is built on the farm that belong to the second president of Kenya; Hon Daniel Torotich arap Moi. This farm where the Kabarak University Main Campus in Kenya is built is located in Kabarak town in Kenya and covers around 250 hectares. There are also trees that provide shade in the Kabarak University Main Campus in Kenya and thereby providing a favorable place for study. The Kabarak University Main Campus in Kenya is located just 22 kilometres from Nakuru town and it is along Nakuru-Eldama Ravine Road in Kenya.

If you want to access the Kabarak University Main Campus in Kenya apartments, you will have to board a matatu vehicle from Nakuru town in Kenya. The vehicles which can take someone to the Kabarak University Main Campus in are the ordinary matatus that carry passengers to various towns in Rift valley region (towns such as Eldama Ravine town in Kenya, Mogotio town in Kenya, Marigat town in Kenya and Kabararnet town in Kenya). You can decide to board one of the matatus Eldama Ravine from Nakuru town, matatu to Mogotio, matatu to Marigat, or matatu to Kabarnet town in Kenya and each of them will ensure that you will reach Kabarak Centre in Kenya. Kabarak University Main Campus in is situated in Kabarak Centre.

The advantage of Kabarak University Main Campus in Kenya is that, it is located just along the Eldama Ravine Road which makes it easy to notice. Kabarak University Main Campus even has a big sign, post which is written ‘welcome to Kabarak University’ before the main gate. The amount of money charged from Nakuru town in Kenya to Kabarak Centre in Kenya, where the Kabarak University Main Campus in Kenya is located, varies from Kshs.50 to Kshs.100 depending on the season and day. The matatu fare in the evening to Kabarak University Main Campus is about Kshs.100 while in the morning the fare is Kshs.50.

The nearest centre in Kenya where the students of Kabarak University Main Campus in go for refreshment is Kampi Ya Moto trading centre in Kenya. Kampi Ya Moto trading centre in Nakuru is only 3 kilometres from Kabarak University Main Campus in Kenya and students only pay fare of Kshs.20 to get to Kampi ya Moto in Nakuru from Kabarak Centre. Kampi Ya Moto trading centre in Kenya is the centre where the students of Kabarak University Main Campus also go for picnics in Kabarak on weekends. For more details about Kabarak University Main Campus, call the phone number +254729223370. Kabarak University Main campus website is at http://www.kabarak.ac.ke/ 

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