Location Of Alliance Girls High School In Kiambu Town In Kenya

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Alliance Girls High School in Nairobi is one of the national girls’ secondary schools in Kenya. Alliance Girls High School in Kenya is a boarding school in Nairobi located close to the small town of Kikuyu a few minutes from Nairobi city. Alliance Girls High School in Kenya was founded by the alliance of protestant missions in 1948. Alliance Girls High School was the first national school in Kenya that admitted African girls in Kenya. Alliance Girls High School operated in parallel lieu of Kenya High School which only admitted European girls to the institution in Kenya. Initially, Alliance Girls High School went by the name, “African Girls High School” in Kenya.

When the Alliance Girls High School first opened its doors to the public, Alliance Girls High School in Kenya admitted 10 girls picked from all the provinces in Kenya. This national outlook has over the years been retained up to date. Alliance Girls High School in Kenya lies on an expansive 71 acres in Kiambu West in Kenya.

Alliance Girls High School still partakes of the Kenyan quota system of admission and as such the secondary school in Kenya usually has students drawn from all parts of Kenya. Admission in the Alliance Girls High School in Kenya is usually highly competitive as only the best performing girls in the Kenya Certificate of Primary Education (KCPE) are admitted into the school.

Alliance Girls High School has been on the frontline vouching for quality education in Kenya maintaining close relations with its brother school, The Alliance Boys High School in Kenya. Alliance Boys High School in Kenya also admits the top notch and best performing boy students in the Kenya Certificate of Primary Education.

To get to Alliance Girls High School from Nairobi, you can get public service vehicles to Kiambu at the Khoja round about bus state in Nairobi next to Nairobi fire station. There are also other public service vehicles to Kiambu which can take you to Alliance Girls High School along Race Course Road near the St. Peters Clavers church in Nairobi. Alliance Girls High School is also accessible by private means in Kenya through Kiambu Road in Nairobi off the Thika Road superhighway. There are other matatus in Kiambu town in Kenya that can take you to Alliance Girls High School.

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