Location, Contacts And Courses Offered At Rift Valley Technical Training Institute (RVTTI)

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RVTTI began as a technical and trade school in 1962 but was elevated to the level of high school in 1979 and began offering A- level courses (mathematics, chemistry and physics). It became a fully technical institute in 1986 and since that time it has grown and now offers a variety of courses.which includes;

This institute is located in Eldoret town, 3 kilometers from Eldoret central business district (Eldoret CBD) along the Eldoret – Kaptagat road. This institute can be contacted through the following contacts:

Rift Valley Technical Training Institute (RVTTI)

P.O. Box 244, Eldoret, Kenya.

Telephone number: 0733244240, 0704244244 or 0729621773

Email address: infor@rvti.ac.ke

Website address: www.rvti.ac.ke


RVTTI is a registered institution in kenya and therefore offers recognized courses in kenya that are administer by examination boards such as kenya national examination council (KNEC) and CITY and GUILDS. Their courses are offered according to departments.

Department of medical and applied sciences.

  • Higher diploma in Applied biology.

  • Diploma in Applied Biology.

  • Diploma in Pharmaceutical technology.

  • Diploma in Medical laboratory.

  • Diploma in Analytical Chemistry.

  • Diploma in Medical engineering.

  • Diploma in Chemical engineering.

  • Diploma in Agriculture.

  • Certificate in science laboratory technology.

  • Certificate in medical laboratory technology.

Department of information communication technology.

  • Diploma in Information technology.

  • Diploma in Information science.

  • Diploma in Information systems.

  • Diploma in Computer sciences.

  • Certificate, diploma and advance diploma in Software development.

  • Certificate, diploma and advance diploma in Information system support.

  • Certificate in Information technology.

Department of Automotive Engineering.

  • Diploma in Automotive engineering.

  • Diploma in Agricultural engineering

  • Certificate in Motor vehicle engineering.

  • Certificate in Agricultural engineering.

Department of mechanical engineering.

  • Diploma in Mechanical engineering (production).

  • Certificate in Mechanical engineering.

  • Certificate in Welding and Fabrics.

  • Artisan in Welding and Fabrics.

Department of electrical and electronic engineering.

  • Diploma in Electric and Electronic engineering (power option).

  • Diploma in Electrical engineering (power option).

  • Diploma in electrical engineering (power and electronics)

  • Diploma in Electrical engineering (instrumentation and control option).

  • Certificate in Electrical and Electronics engineering.

  • Certificate in Electrical and electronic skills.

  • Artisan in Electrical installation.

Department of building and civil engineering.

  • Diploma in Civil engineering.

  • Diploma in Building construction technology.

  • Diploma in Architecture.

  • Craft certificate in Building construction technology.

  • Artisan in Masonry.

  • Artisan in Plumbing.

  • Artisan in Motor vehicle.

  • Artisan in Architecture draughtmanship.

Department of hospitality and dietetics management.

  • Diploma in Dietetics management.

  • Diploma in Food and Beverages production sales and service management.

  • Certificate in Food and Beverages production and service management.

Department of business studies and development.

  • Diploma in Business management.

  • Diploma in Social work and Community development.

  • Diploma in Supply chain management.

  • Diploma in Human resource management.

  • Certificate in Chain supply management.

  • Certificate in Secretarial studies.

  • Certificate in Human resource management.

  • Accounting Technician course (ATC) level I & II.

For more information on the courses and qualifications of each course, contact the institution through the addresses given above.


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