Location and Contacts of North Eastern Province Technical Training Institute and Courses it Offers.

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North Eastern province (N.E.P) Technical Training Institute is located in North Eastern region of Kenya 3 kilometers from Garissa town along Sankuri road. This technical institute was founded in 1985 by the government of Kenya after changing a community based technical secondary school infrastructure to the current institute.

The institute offers technical training, entrepreneurial as well as vocational training to the people of North eastern part of Kenya and those from the surrounding areas. It offers training in various course levels including certificate, diploma and higher diploma levels

Higher diploma Courses offered by North Eastern Province technical training institute:

        i.            Higher diploma in Entrepreneurship

      ii.            Higher diploma in Human resources management


Diploma Courses offered at North Eastern Province Technical Training institute

        i.            Diploma in community development

      ii.            CPA I

    iii.            Diploma in Archives and Record Management

     iv.            Diploma in Human resources management

       v.            Diploma in Business administration

     vi.            Diploma in information technology

   vii.            Diploma in computer studies

  • Diploma in clothing technology

     ix.            Diploma in Motor Vehicle Engineering

       x.            Diploma in information studies-library

     xi.            Diploma in supplies management

   xii.            Diploma in secretarial studies


Certificate Courses

        i.            Certificate KATC I&II

      ii.            Certificate Motor Vehicle Mechanic

    iii.            Certificate Plumbing

     iv.            Certificate in carpentry and joinery

       v.            Certificate in Business administration

     vi.            Certificate in Information technology

   vii.            Certificate in secretarial studies

  • Certificate in library, archival and Information studies

     ix.            Certificate in social and Community development

       x.            Certificate in welding and Fabrication

     xi.            Certificate in supplies management

   xii.            Certificate in Masonry

  • Certificate in human resources management
  • Certificate in garment making


Address: P.O Box 319 Garissa, Kenya.

Mobile: 0722668051

Email: neptechnical.ac.ke

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