List Of Best Private Primary Schools In Kenya

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One of the challenges the faces Kenya today is the rapidly growing population. Most of the facilities and infrastructure does not match this population. There is great pressure on most basic resources. One good example is the ever increasing number of pupils in public primary schools. This has led to establishment of many private primary schools in across Kenya to reduce pressure that has built in public primary schools.

The following is the list of the best private primary schools in Kenya.

  • Evalyn School Complex-Embu

  • Esteem Academy-Nairobi

  • ESME World Class School-Nairobi

  • Epren academy-Nairobi

  • Emmaus Junior school –Kilindini

  • Embu shepherds Academy-Embu

  • Embu kawa Acdemy-Embu

  • Emmanuel Academy-Karatina

  • Eland Academy-Kericho

  • Elsa Preparatory and Junior academy-ogembo

  • Elkay school-Nairobi

  • Ekiendege academy-Kisii

  • Eastend Junior academy-Nairobi

  • Dorcas Sigara memorial academy-Nyamira

  • Donna Hills Educational center-Nairobi

  • Dr. Muasa academy-mtito andei

  • Eagle academy- Eldoret

  • East gate Preparatory school-Nairobi

  • Effort junior School-kerugoya

  • Diploma Academy –kerugoya

  • Dominique Junior Academy-Nairobi

  • Dickma Academy- kerugoya

  • Devine Mercy catholic school- Nairobi

  • Day spring school Complex- Olkalou

  • Deansbrook school-Mombasa

  • Dekko academy-Kitale

  • Dawnstar Educational center

  • Cyber Junior Academy-Mombasa

  • Alimus Lean fields academy –Nairobi

  • All saints Academy-Sagana

  • Cornerstone Academy-Nairobi

  • Covenant Academy-Kisumu

  • Akiba School-Nairobi

  • Agbon Academy-Nairobi

  • Aldai Girls Primary Schools-Kapcheno


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