Kisii University Bachelor In Ecoutourism And Hospitality Admission Criteria

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Tourism and Hospitality industries are billed among the top forex earners in Kenya and for good reason. Kenya is a beautiful country. Unlike other countries, the weather in Kenya makes it habitable throughout the year. The beaches, the faunal and floral biodiversity, the cuisine and the culture can be explored endlessly. The tourism sector has been dominated by conventional tourism for years and usually at the expense of local communities as they were only deemed as outsiders. However, there are new tourism policies that have been put into place that emphasize on the involvement of the local communities when it comes to managing tourism resources. As with many new things, implementing the policies requires skilled manpower.

Kisii University provides the needed knowledge and skills to its students to enable them tackle emerging challenges in the ecotourism and hospitality industries. Individuals who want to pursue Bachelor in Ecotourism and Hospitality should meet the following criteria:

Admission Criteria:


  • Individuals who are planning to apply for Bachelor in Ecotourism and Hospitality should have obtained the minimum admission requirement for Universities.
  • In addition, the individuals should have obtained at least grade C in Mathematics, C+ in Biology or B- in Biological Sciences, C in Chemistry, B- in Geography or History and Government, and at least C+ in English or Kiswahili at K.S.C.E.
  • Admission will be granted to diploma holders in Hotel or Tourism management from a recognized institution.
  • Degree holders from other institutions interested in this program will be considered on individual merits.
  • Individuals who want to transfer credit or those who are already diploma and degree holders will be advised on the number of hours they are to undertake for the course.


Course Duration:

Bachelor of Ecotourism and Hospitality takes place over a period of four academic years. Each academic year is fifteen weeks. Two weeks will be set aside for examination each academic year. During each semester, students will be expected to do the necessary examinations, research, field reports and continuous assessment tests. At the end of year three, students will be required to undergo an eight-week industrial attachment.

For more information, individuals can contact:


P.O. Box 408 (40200), Kisii, Kenya.

Tel: 058-30826


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