How to start a private school in Kenya

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It all starts with a vision, have a clear vision in mind and through this vision decisions will flow. Have clear answers on the kind of education you want to offer and the uniqueness of your schools that is not in other schools, the academic experience the institution will give to the students. The long term goal should be clear as to where and how you want your school to be in five years.

Put your plan clearly on a paper, include the day to day activities of the school; this will include the number of classes, the learning hours, the scheduling of the teachers and meals of the students. Have a clear understanding of the equipment the students will need for learning and the objective of the students’ performance.

Write a Mission for the school, this should give reasons of starting the school, the value of the school and the academic approach. The mission should be easy to read and understand. Incorporate a committee in this stage, the committee should include experts and persons who have succeeded in their field of expertise, the fields of expertise may include; construction, business management, legal, accounting and education.

Research on the legal requirements of starting the school, this should include applying for a permit to operate the school and any other requirement needed by the ministry of education. Create a business entity stating if the school will be for profit or non profit, most schools apply for tax exempt status; the committee should assist in doing all this.

Come up with a business plan indicating a five year plan, the plan give details of financial plan, operating plan, marketing and educational plans and implementation. The committee should come up with construction plan and how long it will take. The enrollment date of the students should be stated at this stage.

16 months before the start of the school identify the business manager and the head of the school; look for self starters’ professionals who like starting and growing in employment. Once the registration of the school is over and committee approves hire the head and the business manager, you need their expertise to open their schools on time. It is advised you source enough funds and donors for initial operation of the school. Spread the word through presentations to market the school and get students, present your school in community groups, churches or even other schools, this has to be done with effectiveness and consistency. It is important if you are not good in marketing to hire someone to do it.

Open school office nine months before the actual opening of the school to begin interviews, admissions and tours of your school facilities. Order whatever is necessary for planning curricula and preparation of the time table, this is one of the tasks that your professional will do. The school will need consistency of meetings at this stage for perfect implementation of the plan. Get teachers one month to the opening of the school, take a good time with the teachers to ensure that they are embraced in the school mission and gained a positive attitude towards the school.

On the opening day welcome your students and willing parents at a brief assembly, teaching is what will sell the school so begin classes on day one. Organize for a formal opening ceremony and invite local and regional leaders. Make sure your school maintains a positive impression to the public always.

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