How To Get First Aid Training From Kenya Red Cross Nakuru Branch In Kenya

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First aid training in Kenya is a basic course that serves as an added advantage for most people seeking employment in Kenya. A first aider in Kenya usually carries an identity card that shows he or she has valid first aid skills in Kenya. First aid course offered by Kenya Red Cross Society in all the branches in various towns in Kenya offer knowledge about first aid essentials such as how to resuscitate a person, what to do in case of accidents in Kenya, how to assist a fainting case, how to give emergency aid in cases of fractured or injured bones in Kenya, how to deal with shock in Kenya, how to stop blood loss in cases of accidents in Kenya among many other basic skills.

Presence of first aiders in Kenya who have the knowledge on what to do and how to act during accidents or emergencies in Kenya has contributed to saving a lot of lives. Kenya Red cross society in Nakuru has its branch situated in Shabaab area in Nakuru. To get to Kenya Red Cross society Nakuru branch, you can get to Nakumatt West side in Nakuru town and walk or drive along the road towards Shabaab, past Evans Hospital in Nakuru on the road towards Kenlands in Nakuru. Red Cross Society Nakuru branch is on the road diversion on your right just past Evans Hospital in Nakuru. Kenya Red Cross Society in Nakuru is a few minutes away from Christ The King Catholic Church and The Catholic Diocese of Nakuru offices. You can board a matatu which charge Ksh 30 from Total Petrol Station main stage in Nakuru number 8 which goes to Shabaab area via the Nakuru Happy Church route. From the Nakuru Happy Church junction in Shabaab parts of Nakuru, Kenya Red Cross Society Nakuru Branch is a walking distance and next to Mama Ngina Primary School in Nakuru.

Kenya Red Cross Society Nakuru branch provides basic first aid training in Kenya at a fee of Ksh 1,000 and an in-depth First aid Training with Red Cross at a fee of Kshs 5,000. A certificate is issued after the first aid training which takes several classes in the Red Cross Society branch in Nakuru.

Trainings of First Aiders in Nakuru is usually done several times in a year and people can get the information about the Red Cross Society Nakuru Branch first aid services and classes from their website on A Kenyan can also enrol for a refresher course of first aid training in Kenya through the Kenya Red Cross Society of Nakuru at a lower fee. You could also get to learn more about how to become a member and a volunteer of Kenya Red Cross Society in Nakuru from the help and enquiries desk in Nakuru branch. To be allowed to enter into the Kenya Red Cross Society premises in Nakuru branch, you must have a national identity card that is usually left at the gate before proceeding to any of the offices in the branch.

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