How And Where To Register For CPA Examinations In Kenya: KASNEB Offices In Nairobi

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Kenya in the last couple of years has seen considerable economic growth, with which new businesses and new employment opportunities arise in Kenya. Every business in Kenya is in need of a qualified accountants whose main purpose is to keep and analyze financial records. Accountants in Kenya acquire training in order to be skilled through doing Certified Public Accounts Examinations in Kenya. To be employed as a qualified accountant in Kenya, one has to have certificates that are recognized in Kenya.

In Kenya, the most accredited accounting examination body is KASNEB. Inaugurated in 1969, KASNEB has over the years provided globally competitive professionals in Kenya with high accounting standards which has enabled consistent growth in the finance and banking industry. KASNEB in Kenya has stayed true to its main objective of producing competent qualified accountants, auditors and qualified corporate secretaries.

Qualification requirements for KASNEB examinations in Kenya

A person in Kenya seeking to be a registered student of KASNEB for any of the professional examinations in Kenya must show evidence in the KASNEB offices of being a holder of one of the following least qualifications:

Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education (KCSE) examination in Kenya with an aggregate average of at least grade C+ (C plus) provided the applicant has obtained a minimum of a grade C + (C plus) in both English and Mathematics. A person should also be a holder of KASNEB technician or professional examination certificate, a degree from a recognized university and such other certificates or diplomas in Kenya as may be approved by KASNEB.

Professional Examinations offered by KASNEB in Kenya

KASNEB in Kenya offer many exams such as CPA (Certified Public Accountant), Credit management technicians (CMT) Examinations, Information communication technology technicians (ICTT) Examination, Accounting technicians certificate (ATC) Examinations, Certified Credit Professional (CCP) Examinations, Certified Information Communication Technologists (CICT) Examination, Certified Public Secretaries (CPS) Examinations and Investment and Security Technician (IST) Examination in Kenya.

Location of KASNEB offices in Kenya

To register for professional exams in Kenya, one has to go to KASNEB offices in Nairobi at the KASNEB towers on Hospital Road in Upper Hill. KASNEB offices in Nairobi are accessible by bus number 32 from Kencom at the Nairobi CBD opposite Hilton Hotel. The Documents necessary for successful registration in KASNEB include: KCSE certificate and a copy of KCSE certificate, National ID card or Passport and a copy of the ID and Passport photos.

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