Free Internet Places In JomoKenyatta University

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Jkuat is one of the topmost perforiming universities in the country and continues to produce alot of quality and competitive graduates in the ever flooded job market in the country.Technology in the place is good and the following are some of the areas students can find good wifi for use in the internet.

Technology House

It is one of the best places and has the best internet connection.Furthermore,the internet speed at the place is perectly good making it to be busy each and evry day of life.It is therefore important that anyone looking for a good place to find good internet connection should try the place and find ample working time.


It is the place that is ofetenly called the graduation square.The place is good and has enough space to support quite a big number of users.It is good fo students and the connectionis readily available on a 24hour basis.It is good that students try using it.

Assembly Hall

The building can be said to be one of the busisiset places inthe campus.It has reliable internet connection that helps in many internet appliccations used by students on a daly basis.It is good for one to find time and use as it is secure and has alot to offer on the prt of the people using it.


The school library has good internet connection that helps its students to find time to research about the various topics given by their teachers.It is good as it offeres one with a wide range of opportunity to study and gain information on a fulltime basis.

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