Former Safaricom CEO Now A Vice Chancellor Of Maseno University In Kenya

by Lotela Paul  - February 8, 2022

Maseno University in Kenya is now under a new vice chancellor, Michael Joseph, former Safaricom Boss. Michael Joseph was recently appointed by the president of Kenya, Hon Uhuru Kenyatta to be the vice chancellor of Maseno University for the next 5 years. Michael Joseph is known for his leadership skills in Safaricom and enabling the mobile company in Kenya to be on top. The new Vice Chancellor of Maseno University holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Electrical Engineering from South Africa.

The appointment of Michael Joseph takes effect as from this January 2014. Maseno University is bound to start improving and to become efficient with time as the former Safaricom Company boss is well known for having excellent management strategies. Maseno University in Kisumu has recently been rising in ranking of universities in Africa.

After leaving Safaricom mobile company in Kenya, Michael Joseph worked as a director of mobile payments in Vodafone mobile company in Kenya. The former Safaricom Boss, Mr Joseph has also worked in telecommunications companies in various states including Hungary, Middle East, United States, Brazil and Spain. Mr Micheal Joseph had served as a Safaricom CEO for 10 years before leaving in 2010, during the time which the Safaricom Company started the M-Pesa service in Kenya.

The new vice chancellor of Maseno University has replaced former vice chancellor, Prof Frida Karani, who has served Maseno University since 2009. In fact, Maseno University was ranked among the top ten most popular universities on the web, during the recent 4ICU university survey in Africa released in 2014.

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