Courses offered by Kenya Wildlife Service Training Institute (KWSTI) in Naivasha, Kenya

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Wildlife is the most precious that a country can have in terms of tourist attraction. Kenya through their wildlife enjoy a lot of revenue from the wildlife they have present. Kenya has also created national parks and Museums all over the country to preserve these wildlife and ensuring that they are out of danger of poaching and other negative impacts.

Kenya has even gone further to ensure that they have wildlife services to ensure these gorgeous animals have good care and protection. They have set up a Wildlife Services and train these people how to protect and handle these animals. Through this therefore, a training institute in Naivasha has been set to ensure that the Kenya Wildlife Service personnel have the best ability to handle wildlife.

Kenya Wildlife Service Training Institute has been established in Naivasha and it is a middle level college which is located 90km away from Nairobi. This institution is dully registered with the ministry of Education, Science and Technology as a TVET institution. It provide specialized training in Natural Resource Management and Tourism Development in an effort to enhance Conservation, Management and Sustainability of Wildlife Bio-Diversity in Kenya and globally. KWSTI is a well-established institution with Self-contained rooms, fully equipped library, variety of sporting facilities, field training courses, ICT lab with free internet and Wi-Fi, accommodation and a swimming pool.

Diploma courses offered by KWSTI include a Diploma in Environmental Management which is studied full time for a period of 18 months which will eventually lead to Environmental Educational Assistant, Environmental Health and Safety Assistant, a Diploma in Fisheries and Aquatic Science which will enable the student to become a Fisheries Education Assistant and Fish Gear Technician, a Diploma in Tourism and Hospitality Management leading to Tours and Travel Administration, Hospitality Supervision and Tourism Enterprise Marketing as well as a Diploma in Wildlife Management which will lead to Wildlife Research Assistant, Community Wildlife Assistant and Wildlife Management Assistant.

Certificate Courses in a Certificate in Aquaculture which will enable the student to develop a career around Fish Farming Assistant and Fish Farm Operations Assistant, a Certificate in Community Wildlife Management leading to Wildlife Naturalist Assistant and Community Wildlife Field Assistant, a Certificate in Nature Interpretation and Tour Administration which help grow a career in Touristic Field Naturalist and Administration.

KWSTI also offer Short courses of a period of six weeks of an International Course on African Wetland Management and Climate Changes (ICAWM and CC) which require a National Diploma or its equivalent in Conservation Biology; Wildlife; Fisheries; Environmental Science; Natural Resources Management; Water Resource Management.

Application procedure:

Application forms can be obtained from the Kenya Wildlife Service Training Institute – Naivasha or downloaded from their official website at The filled forms must be accompanied by a non-refundable fee through a bank deposit of Ksh. 2000 for East Africans and US$ 40 for non-East Africans. The Bank account details are KCB Naivasha Account No. 1105267024. The application forms can be send to the principal KWSTI P.O Box 842-20117 Naivasha. For any enquiries, contact through Telephone +254 0502020267, +25431919465 or email

Minimum Enrollment Requirements:

The minimum requirements for the Diploma courses is a KCSE Mean Grade of C-(minus) or equivalent or Completed and passed a relevant certificate course or KCVET with C-(Minus)as Mean Aggregate or Mean Grade of D+(Plus) with 3 years working experience.

Certificate Courses require KCSE Mean grade of D (Plain) or Equivalent or KCSE Mean Grade of D-(Minus) and 3 years of working experience in a related field.

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