Courses Offered By Africa International University (AIU) in Kenya.

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Africa international university is a chartered private university in Kenya. It was established in 1983 as Nairobi Evangelical Graduate School but became a fully operating university in Kenya in 2001. This institution is located in Karen part of Nairobi and occupies a space of 53 acres of land.

Since it is a chartered university in Kenya, AIU offers courses from certificate to doctor of philosophy. These courses are being taught by experienced experts.

Certificate courses offered by Africa International University (AIU) in Kenya

The only certificate course offered is Certificate in Christian ministries and takes one year.

Diploma courses offered by Africa International University (AIU) in Kenya

  • Diploma in Christian.

  • Diploma in psychology and counseling.

The above diploma programs take two years of training.

Undergraduate (degree) programs offered by AIU Africa International University (AIU) in Kenya

  • Bachelor of Arts in psychology and counseling.

  • Bachelor of Business Administration.

  • Bachelor of Theology.

  • Bachelor of Education in Early childhood development.

  • Bachelor of Education in primary education.

  • Bachelor of Education in secondary education.

  • Bachelor of Arts In development studies.

  • Bachelor of Science in Entrepreneurship.

  • Bachelor of Science in accountancy and financial management.

  • Bachelor of Science in information communication technology (with options in management information systems, software development and computer network).

Postgraduate diploma programs offered by Africa International University (AIU) in Kenya.

  • Postgraduate diploma in Education.

  • Postgraduate diploma in Theology.

Masters programs offered by Africa International University (AIU) in Kenya.

  • Master of Theology (with areas of specialization in biblical studies, mission studies, world Christianity)

  • Master of Divinity (with options in biblical studies, church education, church history, general, mission studies, pastoral studies, theological studies, translation studies).

  • Master of Arts (with areas of specialization in missions, translation studies, church history, biblical studies).

The duration of each program differs. For instance, certificate course takes one year, diploma is two years, undergraduate (degree) takes four years, and postgraduate diploma takes one year while the master’s program takes a minimum of two years. Those you are diploma holders and want to pursue degree programs, they will only spend two years of training.

For more information about this institution and the courses offered, contact:

Africa International University

P.O. Box 24686 – 00502

Nairobi Kenya, Kenya.

Telephone number: 020 2603663

Cell phone number: 0715247540 and 0725841885



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