Courses offered at Kabete Technical Institute

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Kabete Technical institute is Located in Kabete next to Uthiru Nairobi. It offers various technical courses; the Craft courses include Carpentry, Cooperative management, Secretarial studies, Electrical installation and engineering, Information technology, Laboratory technology, automotive mechanic, Plumbing and Welding. Professional courses include Business management and administration, Banking course, Building, Civil engineering, CPA 1&2, Electronic technology, Environmental studies, Information technology, KATC, Mechanics and mechanical engineering, Welding, Pharmacy and Human resource management.

Apply through: The Administrator, Kabete Technical Training Institute, P. O Box 29010-00625, Lower Kabete, and Mobile: 0713 338 683, Email:

When applying for college send applications to more than one college, avoid putting all your eggs in one basket. Colleges are many so take your time and list those offering the course you want to pursue. The most important thing is sourcing finance so that you can be sure of finishing your college without financial stress; academic financial aids are many nowadays. Follow the rules of application especially the deadline of sending your application.

In your academic program you will be required to choose a major at one point, do not go for major because you pass in a certain subject or go for your passion. Make an list of all the majors in your college, cancel those which you have no interest in, consult with faculty heads, these are people who have a wider view and experiences, talk with students who are before you and are already majoring with the field you have interest in, get to know what their career wishes are in taking that major.

Attend all the relevant sessions and meetings, your choice should match with your skills and abilities, be very careful with your final decision for that is what will give you independence. Many people change their major several times when still in their academic program others change when they are already in the field of career; one realizes that they are not in their right field based on their abilities.

Tips on how to pass your college exams; ask the teacher where you don’t understand, remember teachers are there to help you pass the exams, request the teacher to provide you with any revision material and the syllabus to know what you are supposed to study. Know how the marks are distributed, each question will have marks indicated; also know the marks that are allocated to your class work and your final exam.

Start revision on time and only revise when your mind is relaxed and ready. Concentrate more on areas which you don’t understand, check your previous results to know your weak subjects, it is good to be honest with yourself as a student, don’t assume that you are good at everything. Practice the past questions and also assignment questions to perfect your knowledge. It is quite hard to remember all the class work, try using memory aids to help you remember.

Read and understand what each questions require, put down your answers properly as required by the examiner. Always remember the reason why you are being examined, the exam is just a stepping stone to measure how you have been able to understand. Always remember the content for that is what you will later apply in your career

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