Courses Offered At K.C.A University In Nairobi, Kenya

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The Institute of Certified Public Accountants of Kenya (I.C.P.A.K) founded the Kenya College of Accountancy (KCA) in 1986. The KCA institution in Kenya was set up so as to improve the quality of financial management and accountancy skills in Kenya. Kenya College of Accountancy (KCA) is a nonprofit institution in Kenya which started as an accountancy college was given a letter of interim authority in 2007 and as such gained university status in Kenya, and was later renamed, Kenya College of Accountancy University in short KCA University.

KCA University in Kenya is located along Thika super highway in Ruaraka area in Nairobi. The KCA university is just fifteen minutes away (drive) from Nairobi City Centre. The KCA university in Nairobi enrolls at least 15,000 students in Kenya every year. K.C.A University has four faculties namely:

Faculty of Education and Arts in KCA University

Education and Arts school in KCA University in Nairobi offers undergraduate courses in education (Arts) and a postgraduate diploma in education in Kenya. The KCA University is soon going to introduce undergraduate studies in early childhood and counseling psychology in Kenya. The faculty of education also offers a certificate course in early childhood education in KCA University.

School of business and public management in KCA Unniversity

Business and public management is the most developed faculty in KCA University given that the college was business studies related before gaining the university charter. Some of the under graduate courses in KCA University offered within this faculty include Bachelor of Commerce and Bachelor of Business Information Technology. Business and Public management faculty in KCA University also gas graduate courses such as Master of Science in commerce and Master in Business Administration. The MBA option in KCA University has specialties in marketing, procuring and human resource management.

Faculty of Computing and Information Management in KCA University

There are only two undergraduate courses related to faculty of Computing and information management offered in KCA University. The undergraduate courses in KCA University are Bachelor of Science in information technology and Bachelor of Science in ICT. The graduate programs in KCA University currently running are Master of Science in data communication and Master of Science in advanced databases and visual analytics.

School of professional programs in KCA University

The faculty of Professinal programs in KCA University offers professional programs in certified public accountancy (CPA), banking, project management, communication, front office management and other professional studies in Kenya.

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