Courses Available At Rware College Of Accounts In Nyeri Town, Kenya

by Laura Wanjiru  - March 11, 2023

The Rware College of Accounts in Kenya is a leading tertiary institution in the heart of Nyeri Town. The Rware College of Accounts located in Nyeri town in Kenya enrolled its first lot in July 1998 and has grown in leaps and bounds to enroll a larger number of students over the subsequent years. Rware College of Accounts is located at a strategic position right at the heart of Nyeri town. Like its name suggests, Rware College of Accounts in Kenya trains in courses in Kenya which include; accounts, business management, business studies, information technology and other related studies.

Rware College of Accounts in Nyeri town is located opposite the Agricultural Finance Corporation offices in Nyeri behind Mathai Supermarket in Nyeri. Rware College of Accounts in Kenya has enlarged its outreach by opening another Rware College of Accounts campus in Nyahururu town in Kenya. The Rware College of Accounts in Kenya only had its presence in Nyeri, but has recently opened another Rware College of Accounts campus located at the former Chapa Academy in Nyahururu town. 

Programs offered in Rware College of Accounts in Kenya 

ATC course in Rware College of Accounts -The Accounting Technician Certificate course in Kenya is a prerequisite accounting course usually offered to people who are willing to pursue accounts, but did not acquire the required minimum grades. To enroll for ATC course in Rware College of Accounts, you have to have acquired a minimum grade D+ in the Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education examination. The accounting technician certificate course in Rware College of Accounts has two levels which have to be passed before moving on to the next stage.

CPA Course in Rware College of Accounts ; Certified Public Accountants in Kenya – CPA is a professional accounting course offered in Rware College of Accounts in Nyeri that has 3 parts, each with two sections. The minimum requirements so as to enroll for CPA training in Rware College of Accounts in Nyeri are either a minimum of grade C+, a degree from a recognized university or completion of the ATC course.

CPS course in Rware College of Accounts ; Certified Public Secretaries-CPS is a professional course in Rware College of Accounts mainly undertaken by people in the law profession. Like CPA, you have to have acquired a minimum grade C+ with a mean of C+ in both English and mathematics to enrol for CPS in Kenya. The Rware College of Accounts in Nyeri also offers training in CICT course, Business management, ICTT and Human Resource Management.

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