Contributions Of Strikes in Universities

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Strikes have become very frequent in learning institutions over the past few years making it give parents hard times in trying to take their children to campuses that have less record of strikes the best public being Jomokenyatta.However experts have attributed the following to be the major reasons that prompt higher education students to strike.

Price Increase

Raising prices is another way of making university students to give up ith their education and look for the possible ways of catering for their basic needs and essentials.Raising prices makes it hard for the students to cope up with the continous hardships affecting them making them go to strike as a way of showing the concerned officials that the system chosen is very unfair to them.Vice chancellors should avoid putting orders to raise prices to avoid sending students to strike.

Poor Management

When the top officials engage in poor managerial skills by doing things not fair to all such as embezzelment of funds and corruption,the message reaches the respective students hence prompting them to strike as a ay of raising an appeal for justice.Universities should look for the top officials that have good leadership skills to help cater for the needs of eeach and every student in the university.

Denial of services

It is good that proper systems in education allow the students to enjoy some basic rights and priveleges such as going out for tours and visiting the places of their interest.When such are denied,they end up striking and destroying alot of property in the longrun.Students should be given time to visit places as they pay for the services.

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