Commonly Abused Drugs in Universities of Kenya

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The Kenyan education system is experiencing a lot of hardships trying to help the many number of its students that affected by abusing the various kinds of harmful drugs making them perform poorly in class and eventually end up quitting education. Many students start abusing by simple means that later upgrade and make them become addicts to levels that are beyond the control of many people. The following list outlines some of the commonly abused drugs in the various universities and colleges in Kenya.


Alcohol is still the number one form of drug that is commonly taken by many students. The percentage of students that have chosen to refrain from drinking habits is as little as 19percent.Many students end up using the money meant for constructive activities such as classroom work for their own selfish benefits. It is important therefore to ensure that there is no room for college students to actively be involved in alcohol consumption habits. The government has also increased the price and reduced the drinking hours as a way of ensuring that the student will find it inconvenient to take the drug.

Marijuana and Designer drugs

The two drugs are the second most categories of drugs that are abused by most campus students hence they should be regulated so as to reduce the number of students suffering by using them. They can be consumed through the process of inhalation that includes taking in of nitrous oxide via the nose. The method is the most popular with college students. Another way by which drugs are taken is by the use of smoking technology to inhale them. The habit is dangerous and can lead to cancer.

 MDMA Drugs

The third group comprises of the ecstasy MDMA drugs. The drug has been noted to be the most popular drug that is growing among the very number of college students. The drug comes in pill form having a variety of appearances. The traditional ones are usually white in color having the X imprint marks. The composition of the drugs keeps varying depending on the types of manufacturers and the people making them. The chemical makeup and structure greatly vary in volatility.


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