Chuka University Bachelor Of Science In Economics And Statistics

by Laura Wanjiru  - January 7, 2023

As competition in the job place intensifies, many Kenyan job seekers are quickly learning the value of being multi-talented. It is simply not enough to specialize in one area as his reduces the chances of gaining meaningful employment. It is for this reason that some universities are coming up with dual study programmes that seek to combine a number of disciplines. Chuka University offers an undergraduate degree programme, the B.Sc. (Economics and Statistics), that combines the disciplines of Economics and Statistics. This is a specialized programme that is intended to meet the growing demands of the job market. Individuals who want to undertake Bachelor of Science in Economics and Statistics should meet certain requirements.

Admission Criteria for Bachelor of Science in Economics and Statistics:

  • Individuals who apply for the Bachelor of Science in Economics and Statistics course should have obtained the minimum entry requirements for admission into the university.
  • Those who apply should also have obtained a minimum KCSE grade of B- (minus)in Mathematics
  • Those who have obtained a grade C+ in Mathematics and who have also obtained a minimum of grade B (plain) in Accounting/ Commerce/ Economics are also eligible for admission.
  • Individuals who are holders of A- level qualifications and who have obtained two principal passes in Economics or Statistics can also apply for the course.

Mode of Study

Individuals who qualify to undertake the Bachelor of Science in Economics and Statistics are required to cover all the units as stipulated by the various departments. Students will be expected to undertake coursework, continuous assessment tests, final examinations, research work and attachments. Students wishing to undertake additional units should do so after consulting the departmental heads.

Contact information

For more information, individuals can contact:

Chuka University,

P.O. Box, 109 – 60400,

TELEPHONE: 020 2310512/ 18, 0715 50 58 58, 0731 62 02 66


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