Chuka University Bachelor Of Agribusiness Management Undergraduate Admission Criteria

by Laura Wanjiru  - March 14, 2023

In 2004, Egerton University established a campus college to enhance the availability of affordable education in the Eastern region of Kenya. Three years later, in 2007, Chuka University was established through a legal notice and became a fully fledged public institution. This was made possible when the local community donated 550 acres of land to enable the institution to come up and to aid in any future expansion. Since its establishment, Chuka University provides various degree programmes and courses. One such programme is the Bachelor’s Degree program in Agribusiness Management. The degree course is a combination of Agriculture and Social Sciences. Individuals who wish to apply for the Bachelor of Agribusiness Management course need to satisfy certain admission criteria.

Admission Criteria for Bachelor of Agribusiness Management:

Individuals are welcome to apply for Bachelor of Agribusiness Management provided they meet the following criteria:

  • Individuals should be able to satisfy the minimum university entrance requirements in the Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education.
  • Individuals applying for the course should also have obtained at least the grade of B (plain) in Biology or at least a B- (minus) in Biological Sciences.
  • Individuals who want to undertake the courses should have obtained at least the grade of B+ (plus) in Mathematics.
  • Individuals who have obtained at least a C grade pass in Economics/Commerce or Accounting will have an added advantage as far as being accepted into the course is concerned.
  • Individuals who have obtained a Diploma with distinction, Credit or an equivalent in Management or Farm management will also be considered for the course.
  • Individuals who are Diploma holders in a relevant course from a recognized institution will also be given the chance of admission.

Students who are admitted for the Bachelor of Agribusiness Management course are expected to meet all the requirements of the relevant departments. This includes undertaking continuous assessment tests, examinations and research as well as attachment.

Contact information

For more information, individuals can contact:

Chuka University,

P.O. Box, 109 – 60400,

TELEPHONE: 020 2310512/ 18, 0715 50 58 58, 0731 62 02 66


Ukasi Model Health Centre
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