Best Secondary Schools in Kitui County in Kenya

by Lotela Paul  - March 21, 2022

Kitui is a town located in the Eastern Province of Kenya and 168Km away from Nairobi. Kitui County is next to Machakos County in the northern side and still a neighbour to Kibwezi on the other side. As a county, Kitui has different minerals and tourist attraction sites. For instance, this County has coal on the lower side of mwoi, cement along a place known as Mutomo and a tourist attraction site known as Nzambani rock in which tourist can climb and practice rock climbing.

Kitui County despite lack of rainfall has developed institutions to provide education to ensure the students will come up with advanced technology to curb the lack of water in which the area face. They have some of the best secondary schools which have brilliant results in the country and which promote a lot of students to universities and research institutions to ensure their mission is fulfilled. These schools are in all areas along Kitui County and they include:

Kitui High School 

This is a boys boarding provincial school in Kitui town in which it admits students from the County as well as outside the county within the Eastern Province. This school has a population of about 1,200 students are they offer all subjects and other vocational subjects such as Woodwork, Metal work and Computer studies.

St. Charles Lwanga Secondary school 

This also another Boys boarding secondary school in Kitui located next to the Ithokwe Airstrip in Ithokwe Village. It is also special in that it is a provincial school and has good results in which it completes good with students from even national schools. This school has a population of approximately 1,000 students from all over the province but most of them are admitted from Kitui County. It also participate in co-curriculum activities such as games and Drama and most of their participants make it to the national levels.

Mulango Girls Secondary School 

This is a girls school in which students are admitted from Kitui County. It is located next to Mulango Children’s Home and past the Wikililye Market 30 Km drive from Kitui Town. In this school, girls excel very well and join public universities with strong grades since they have the best teachers especially in Languages.

St. Angela’s’ Girls High school 

This is a provincial girls school yet in Kitui County and located in Mutune Town which is north of Kitui Town and 12km drive from Kitui Town. This school participate in all activities involving games and Sports, Drama festivals, contests and more to ensure that their students have a conducive environment through interactions with students from other schools.

Mbitini Girls Secondary School 

This school is located in Mbitini Market which is south of Kitui Town and Approximately 45km from Kitui Central Business District. Students from this school just board Matatus which operate in that route and pay an average of Ksh 100 to Mbitini. It also have good KCSE results and has a high rank in the provincial schools results in Kitui County.

Yumbisye Secondary School 

This is the largest day school in Kitui County and it is a provincial school. The special case about this school is that it is a mixed school and has good teachers in Kitui County and has very good results especially in Computer studies in which its students are ranked the best in Computer Studies in the County. Despite been a day school, it competes with the provincial boarding schools in Kitui County in KCSE results and can be ranked second or third in the overall KCSE results. Since it admits students from the county yet it is a day school, the school has permitted to rent out rooms in the Wikililye Market which is neighbouring the school to ensure that the students are not forced to come from far away every morning.

Muthale Girls High School 

This is a boarding girls’ school in Kitui County and not only admits students from the county but also nationally as it is a national School in Kitui. This school is located in Muthale region which is next to Katieithoka village and 32km from Kitui town. This school has a special talent in producing participant in Science Congress and which its participants qualify to the national level every year. As it is a national school, its students are bright and therefore come out with good results in the KCSE exams.

Kitui County has empowered their children by taking them to these good schools to ensure that they will end up with good results and thereby brighten their future for them and that of their county. The above named schools are not all the schools in Kitui County but just a few of the best schools in Kitui as the schools list in Kitui County is Endless.


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