Best Performing Secondary Schools In Ukambani Part Of Kenya

by Lotela Paul  - April 24, 2022

During this period when the enrolling of students to various secondary schools in Kenya is taking place, parents are seeking to know more about the secondary schools the students are set to join. Ukambani part of Eastern Kenya is rich in High Schools, and the Girls secondary schools compete hard with their counterparts, the boys secondary schools in Kenya. For instance, in 2013 KCSE results, the girls` secondary schools in Ukambani outshone the boys` secondary schools in Eastern Kenya. Ukambani part of Kenya is made up of several counties in Kenya, including Machakos County in Kenya, Kitui County in Kenya, and Makueni County in Kenya.

The secondary schools in Ukambani Kenya which perform well in include; Precious Blood Girls Kilungu in Makueni County, Machakos Girls secondary school in Machakos County, Mbooni girls secondary school in Makueni County in Kenya, Makueni Boys secondary school in Makueni County, Makueni Girls secondary school in Makueni County, Mukaa Boys secondary school in Makueni County and Muthale girls secondary school in Kitui County.

Parents in Kenya should ensure that they have the history of performance of the secondary schools in Kenya before enrolling KCPE candidates to Form one in high schools in Kenya. You could find all about Machakos Girls Secondary School in Kenya on their website at

There are many public secondary schools in Kenya which are located in Machakos County, Makueni County and Kitui County in Kenya and the list can be seen at The high schools in Ukambani Kenya can also be categorized in terms of the Boarding secondary schools and the day secondary schools in Kenya. Most secondary schools in Ukambani part of Kenya perform well and enrol large numbers of students to public universities in Kenya.

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