Best Performing Schools In Western County

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The Kenya catholic secretariat is working well to ensure that schools they sponsor not only perform well but also produce students that are well behaved  and can be of great help to the society in general. It is therefore important that parents take into considerations the important roles played by these institutions to help children fulfill their visions and dreams. In Western County, the following are the best performing catholic schools.

St Peters Mumias

It is doing well in the academic field and helping a lot of students join major universities in the country. The school is located near mumias town and has a lot to offer on the life of students. It is well known in having high disciplined students that encourage their fellow students to perform well and help one another in times of difficulties. It takes students from various parts of the country provided they do well in their national examinations at primary level.

Sacred Heart Mukumu Girls

It is one of the top performing schools in western and has a lot of things that they can help students with. The girls’ school not only does well in academics but also helps the students to find some part time activities to do and enhance their talents. It is therefore important that those looking for good places to join try sending their applications to the school. Spiritual formation is also good at the place.

St Joseph Academy

It is good for primary students that wish to do well in their KCPE examinations. The school has produced many young people that have ended up joining top national schools in the country. It is found in kakamega town and continues to be a great place for academic performance in the country. It is therefore important for parents to consider the place and take their children there.

St Peters Seminary

The seminary is arguably the best in the country and has been persistent in producing students with good results. It produced the top most students in the country during the year 2011 and continues to do well in other major areas. It has nurtured a lot of good priest and Bishops in the country and has since been known to be the most disciplined school in the country.

St Teresa Isanjiro

It is located in Malava town and the best performing school in Kakamega north district. It has been excellent in producing high quality grades and is further a mixed day and boarding primary school. It is good for formation as students are well behaved and those that are found to be on the wrong get expelled.



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