Admission Criteria to academic programmes at Gretsa University

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Admission Criteria to academic programmes at Gretsa University

Gretsa University is a private university in Kenya which is located in Thika town along the Thika-Garissa road. This university is dully registered and accredited by the commission of university education and was first established as a university in 2006. In pursuit of its vision to become a professional quality-driven institution, the university has continued to expand facilities and develop new and relevant academic programmes that are designed to meet the needs of the society.

This university offers academic programmes that integrate academic study with challenges of the real-world workplace. The university seek to produce graduates who are well informed, open minded, intellectual serious, analytical and flexible in their approach to new information and intellectual challenges and who are capable of organizing ideas and expressing them persuasively.

Gretsa University therefore offer the different academic programmes which are explained below with the respective period these courses takes for full certification;

Bachelor of Commerce in the option of Marketing, Accounting, Finance, Operational Management, Procurement and Supply, Chain Management, Business Information, Cooperative and Micro-Financing Entrepreneurship, Human Resource Management and Insurance and Risk Management. The candidates may take up extra units and graduate with double major or major/minor combination such as (Double major, accounting and Finance) or (Finance major, Accounting minor), (Marketing major, Finance minor) thus saving time and money. The Minimum requirements for the course is C+ (plus) at KCSE, holder of relevant 2 academic year Diplomas join 2nd year of study while those with higher national diplomas join the 3rd year of study. The amount of fee required per trimester is Ksh 51,000 for Full time, evening/ weekends and 45,000 for open and distance learning.

Bachelor of Science in Hospitality Management course is offered in this university and it requires a C+ at KCSE level direct entry and a C (plain) in Mathematics and English/Kiswahili. The fee required per trimester is Ksh 55,000 for fulltime, evening and weekend classes while those students who want to learn as open learning and distance learning pay a total of Ksh 45,000.

Bachelor of Science in Computer Science in Gretsa University require the candidates to have attained a C+(plus) at KCSE level and a C (plain) in Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics. The course is offered in 8 semesters and the tuition fee required per trimester is Ksh55, 000 and Ksh 45,000 for Open learning and Distance learning mode of study.

Gretsa University also offer the pre-university courses which are commonly referred to as bridging course. This university ensure that the bridging courses they offer to its students will open up their minds and enable them to get the degree programmes or diploma of the careers they want to dwell on. They offer bridging of any subject which takes a period of 3 months. However, any candidate who want to have the bridging course at Gretsa University should have attained a general KCSE grade of C (plain). They charge any of the subjects bridged Ksh 35,000 for the full completion.

Gretsa University also offers diploma, certificate and foundation certificate programmes in different fields such as Business Management, Human Resource Management, Marketing, Banking and Finance, Purchasing and Supply, Hotel and Restaurant, Travel and Tourism, Food and Beverage, Computer Science, Information Technology,, Business Information Technology, Health Records and Information Technology, Education (Arts, Early Childhood Education, Special Needs Education), Social Work and Community Development, Counselling Psychology, Project Management, Community Health, Public Health and Community Nutrition. All these courses have diploma, certificate and foundation certificate classes but the entry requirement is the variation. Those undertaking Diploma need to have a C (plain) in KCSE, D+ (plus) in KCSE for certificate and a D (plain) in Foundation in Certificate in any of them. However, diploma pays Ksh 25,000 for fulltime and Ksh 22,000 for Open and Distance learning. The certificate courses pay Ksh 25,000 for full time and foundation certificate courses have to pay Ksh 22,000 for full time.

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