Where To Purchase Varieties Of Modems In Kenya

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The internet bug has affected many Kenyans in the recent past. From cybercafés to internet enabled phones in Kenya, most Kenyans spend most of the better time surfing in the various online sites. Internet in Kenya is not only for social networking purposes but also serves an educative and entertainment purpose as well.

With the availability of personal computers in Kenya within the confines of your house, there is really no need to visit a cyber café these days. People have opted to install wireless fidelity internet cables in Kenya and can surf from the comfort of their homes. Most smart phones in Kenya these days can also be connected to personal computers via cables or Wi-Fi systems in Kenya and can be used to surf. For the unlucky few, there are modems from all the various mobile phone service providers in Kenya. On buying a modem in Kenya, you fit it in with the allocated S.I.M card, buy some credit, purchase internet bundles, and you are good to go. Some of the modems available in Kenya are:

Safaricom modem in Kenya

Safaricom Modems in Kenya are probably the most widely used modems in Kenya.  Safaricom networks in Kenya are widely pronounced all over and as such their speeds and networks are very reliable in any part of Kenya. You can access Safaricom modems from all the Safaricom outlets in Kenya, located in most major towns in the country.

In Nairobi, Safaricom modems can be purchased from Safaricom Center in Nairobi on I & M building along Kenyatta Avenue. The Safaricom modem goes for KSH 1000.

Orange network modem in Kenya

The new 3 G+ orange modems in Kenya have replaced the prior modems which were in use before on Orange Kenya. For Orange modem to be functional in Kenya, you have to buy a specific line from the Orange retail outlets found in major towns in Kenya.

In Nairobi, Kenyans can purchase orange modems from the Orange shop found near the Hotel Intercontinental, opposite the Holy Family Basilica along Kaunda Street off Parliament Road in Nairobi. The orange 3+ modem in Kenya sells for KSH 1000.

Alcatel Modem in Kenya

Well, unlike the other two modems in Kenya discussed above, Alcatel Modem is from the Alcatel Mobile Company in Kenya. The Alcatel modem in Kenya is a versatile modem that can accept all S.I.M cards from all service providers in Kenya. The Safaricom modem in Kenya only uses Safaricom S.I.M cards while the orange modems only use orange lines. Sadly, Alcatel modems in Kenya are not easily available. Try shopping in shops such as Ebrahims Electronics in Nairobi town on Kenyatta Avenue, you might be lucky to find an Alcatel Modem.

Did you know that the word modem is actually a short form for `MOdulator- DEModulator`? Well, if you didn’t know, now you do.

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