Vuma Online: The New Revolutionary Means Of accessing Internet In Matatus In Nairobi

by James Ndetto  - February 27, 2023

There is no doubt that millions of Kenyans today are becoming tech savvy with every passage of the day. Unlike the past, where people in Kenya rarely knew much about computers and mobile telephony, almost every Kenyan today, and especially those living in urban centers in Kenya have an idea of what technology means and how it impacts on their lives. Whether you want to see technology advancements in Kenya from the perspective of modern computers, tablets, smart phones, netbooks, or advanced use and function of the internet, one thing that is for sure is that technology use in Kenya has truly grown in leaps and bounds.

Earlier this year, the Kenyan Matatu industry has seen a revolution like no other. With public transport in Nairobi growing in relevance every other day, growth in all facets of the business has become pretty much inevitable. Safaricom, Kenya’s leading mobile services provider recently introduced a service dubbed Vuma Online where Kenyans are now able to access the internet on the go when travelling using public transport services in Kenya. This is an aspect which has been appreciated and adopted by many matatu operators in Nairobi city.

How Vuma Online changed the way we do things in Nairobi?

There is no doubt that the inclusion of internet services in Kenya, commonly referred to as WiFi in Nairobi matatus has truly the changed the manner in which we go about our business when onboard. One thing that is for sure is that most of the people in Kenya who find this service useful are the youths. This is because youths in Kenya are always on facebook, whatsapp, twitter and are always sending emails here and there. For the youth in Nairobi therefore, WiFi services provision on matatus is a big plus. At least, if you own a smartphone in Nairobi and you can access WiFi using it, travelling using matatu would be the best option for you to settle for.

How is Vuma Online service offered in Kenya?

The free WiFi service on public transport matatus in Kenya is offered in a majority, if not all of the public transport matatus within the city of Nairobi. Safaricom in Kenya plans to roll out the internet service to other parts of Kenya but this will only happen when Nairobi residents truly realize and appreciate the real essence of free internet onboard.  There are instances where the free WiFi has a pass code while in other cases, you can simply log on to the network and access the internet in Nairobi without having to worry about passwords and passcodes.  If there is a pass code required to log on to the network, you can ask the conductor of the matatu in Nairobi, commonly referred to as “dondaa” here in Nairobi to give you the details.

What routes in Nairobi most served by Vuma Online?

It is important to also appreciate the fact that not all routes in Nairobi have got matatus which have free internet access in Kenya. Vuma Online service is still being rolled out and as such it has not gotten to everyone’s favorite matatu in Nairobi.  Some of the routes where matatus have got access to WiFi services in Nairobi include Ongata Rongai, Umoja, Innercore, Buruburu, Kinoo, Uthiru, Kikuyu and Matatus plying the Ngong Road.  Just like I had stated before, Vuma Online service is being rolled out to other people across the city of Nairobi and all over the country. However, if you have the privilege of accessing internet onboard in Kenya, you got to be very thankful.

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