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Location Of The Kenya Broadcasting Corporation Offices In Nairobi, Kenya

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The Kenya Broadcasting Corporation is the oldest broadcasting house in Kenya. The broadcasting corporation is the state-run media house in Kenya. The KCB media house in Kenya began during the colonial era and only targeted the white settlers who ruled the nation. The house then ran by the name “The Kenya Broadcasting Corporation” synonymous with the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) signifying the rule of the British in Kenya.

In 1964, on attainment of independence the media station was then renamed the Voice of Kenya (VoK). The media house was later reverted to the Kenya Broadcasting Corporation in 1989 following a decision made by the Kenyan parliamentarians at the time.

Over the rule of President Moi, KBC TV in Kenya was the government’s mouthpiece. The KCB station in Kenya normally started its broadcast with news about the then president of Kenya, his whereabouts and what he had been generally up to. The Kenya Corporation Broadcast station in Kenya would broadcast up to midnight when it would then be shut off until the following morning during the earlier days in Kenya. Under the rule of President of Kenya Mwai Kibaki, KBC station in Kenya ran a more objective course. The Kenya Broadcasting Corporation in Kenya nurtured the journalism talent in Kenya in most household names before the advent of other media stations in Kenya, some of the most notable being Leonard Mambo Mbotela and Khadija Ali.

The Kenya Broadcasting Corporation in Kenya also runs a Swahili radio station in Kenya as well as other vernacular languages. KBC TV station in Kenya is the most widely watched channel in most part of Kenya and more so most rural areas as it has a wide coverage and reception being the national television station in Kenya.

The Kenya Broadcasting Corporation headquarters in Kenya are located in Nairobi. The main offices of Kenya Broadcasting Corporation in Nairobi are located along Harry Thuku Road off University Way in the Nairobi city centre. The Kenya Broadcasting Corporation head offices in Nairobi are found opposite the Norfolk Hotel in Nairobi and next to the Wasanii Restaurant in Nairobi. This area where Kenya Broadcasting Corporation offices are located in Nairobi is common especially for most Nairobi revelers as they are able to access Kenyan beer at a whole sale price as compared to other beer outlets in Nairobi. Close to these Kenya Broadcasting Corporation (KCB) main offices in Nairobi is the Nairobi Central Police Station on University Way in Nairobi.

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