List Of Radio Stations In Kenya

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The world is going digital and also the country of Kenya is not left behind.Kenya Radio stations can be easily accessed online anywhere in the world.This can be accessed on website.Just a few of the Kenyan radio stations can be listened online and they include:

Mulembe FM

Its fantastic and one of the popular radio stations broadcasting very quality music and quality programs which are also famous.Its headquarters are located in Nairobi.Listeners want to listen it live because here they will find their most favourite programs and shows.Its frequency is 97.7

Classic 105 FM

Its one of the most famous radio stations in Kenya with its headquarters located in Nairobi where it broadcasts live.Its frequency is 105.2 and broadcasts in English language serving Kenya community with its entertaining programs.On Classic FM,you can listen online news about current affairs,loans,stock exchange conditions,currency rates and business news.One can listen talk shows and music 24/7 hours.

Ramogi FM

Its fantastic radio station broadcasting very quality music live online.Here you can listen 24/7 hours streaming of this station.Headquarters are located in Nairobi and its good for advertising purpose because it becomes popular in African community in a very short span of time.Latest news and current affair programs can be listened here for free.

Egesa FM

Its specially dedicated to Kenyan community.Here 24/7 hours streaming is available for listening this online.Interesting programs like music shows,reality shows and latest news.

Milele FM

Broadcasts on frequency 93.6 and it’s a private radio station which airs very interesting programs,talk shows,national and international news and dramas.Its on air 24/7 hours on the

Truth FM

It’s a voice of truth for entertaining listeners.Its private independent radio station broadcasting from Nairobi online on frequency 90.7 MHz.More entertainment and enjoyments is offered here.

Musyi FM

One of the fantastic radio stations which is broadcasted online. Programs that are popular in African community can be listened live here.Its transmission covers the area of entire Kenya as well as some local parts of Africa.One can listen while driving,during job or enjoying weekends.Makes updates on national and international news.

Radio Citizen

Broadcasts 24/7 hours live transmission for listeners to keep enjoying all day long.Has huge community of listeners and has become extremely popular in all African community in a short span of time.Its frequency is 107.7 and can be listened in Kenya and also in many parts of Africa.

Hot 96 FM

Airs live events,music,national and international news and current affairs programs live transmission.Has frequency of 96 MHz and covers entire local region and Africa.


Has frequency of 105.5 and broadcasts from Nairobi online for free.Aims to promote value and culture of the country.

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