Best Selling Newspapers In Kenya

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Daily Nation

It is not only cheap but also affordable and has a lot of information that caters for the interest of the public. The newspaper is available at any distributing agents at various towns and city places of the country. Wide range of areas ranging from politics business and sports are covered by the newspaper. Various job opportunities are also covered within the newspaper and is good for one to advertise any piece of information they have.

The Nairobian

The news paper covers specifically what trends are happening in Nairobi. It is very cheap costing about 40kenya shillings. It is easy to get and acquire as the agents have distributed it well in nearly all streets of the city. Many Kenyans especially Nairobi residents love reading the newspaper for the intention of finding out the common issues affecting the residents and people of Nairobi. It is very interesting and good for one to read.

The Standard

It is popular for many people and covers a wide range of information from politics, business and even sports. The news paper if affordable and the price is ideal for all Kenyans. It is therefore important for one to read the paper. Furthermore, it is commonly purchased by the youth on Fridays as it offers good pieces of information pertaining the entertainment industry making it essential for one to find out what our celebrities are doing. Business and various adverts are also made via the news paper. Sports are well covered and the information is plenty.

Star times

It is spreading at a more and becoming favorite for quite a big number of Kenyans. It is important that many people find out about a news paper and the common trends affecting its supply. Star times is good and supplies a lot of information to its citizens.

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