The Nuclear Career in Kenya

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Kenya is embarking on nuclear power development for electricity generation.KNEBhas tailored this unique package to ensure that students are offered with  the basic tools and academic guidance needed to enable them pursue high top careers related to nuclear engineering and other mathmatical concepts.

The body of KNEB continues to get hopes of inspiring students to have positive attitude in education and exel in science as a foundation to chosing nuclear science careers and if it broadens the outlook of even one student it will be worth it.

The following are some of the career opportunities in the nuclear industry field.

  • Health Physicists

  • Instrumentation and control workers

Skilled crafts people that include elders,carpenters and other professions.The industry is committed to providing a wide range of opportunities to workers and does not limit one to apply only for the various engineering opportunities offered by the career.

The following are some of the major nuclear careers found in the filed

  • Vocational

  • Occupational and radiation safety

  • Nuclear law

  • Project management

  • Supply chain procurement

  • Mechanical engineering 

  • Chemical ,electrical and other enginering fields.

One is encouraged to join and take active participation in the field.Enrolling and taking part in the many science and math courses shows a good aspirant.One should take time to read about the many opportunities available at the place and should thus go ahead to utilise them by carrying out some practice and later meeting new groups of people that can help them network with others in a more frindly and comfortable way


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