Government Jobs in Kenya: Public Service Commission

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The Public Service Commission has the responsibility of recruiting public servants. The commission has the believe of getting high performing ethical and dynamic public service, it transforms the public service to be professional and effective, the core values are transparency, team spirit, accountability, creativity, continual improvement, professionalism and integrity. The commission coordinates with the county board members for the induction programs for Chairpersons and County Service Boards in all the forty seven counties. In the current address of County Public Service Board members of Nairobi, Isiolo, Kiambu, Meru and Muranga. The Chairperson Public Service Commission Hon. Margaret Kobia encouraged the coordination dialogue between the County Service Boards, Service Commission, Transition, Devolution and Planning of Ministry to get a way forward on how to address the challenges of employment and recall the emoluments of all the employees at the County level. Apart from count jobs there a lot of casual jobs offered by the commission; make a visit to the offices of Public Service Commission and enquire about any openings.


The public service commission has the duty to

  • Establish or abolish offices in the public service.
  • Appoint of persons to hold and work in those offices, to confirm the appointments of the relevant offices.
  • To discipline the employees through removing persons committing crimes or acting unsatisfactory in the offices.
  • Promoting of Kenyan values and processes of governance and public service commission.
  • Conducting Investigation, monitoring and evaluation of the administration, organization and employee practices of the service.
  • It ensures that the public service is effective and efficient.
  • Develop human resources in the public service.
  • Making recommendations and reviewing the government in terms of service, professional ethics and code of conduct and of officers’ qualifications in the public service.
  • Reporting to the President and Parliament after evaluation on how the values and principles mentioned in Articles 10 and 232 are complied with in the public service.
  • Hearing appeals and determining the consequences in respect of county governments’ service.



The structure of Public Service Commission is made up of a chairperson, a deputy chairperson and fifteen other members. Appointment of the members is done by the President. The secretariat supports the commission and the Commission Secretary heads it. The Secretariat consist of the office of the Secretary and several departments, namely, Recruitment and Selection, Administration, Agenda, Human Resource, Examinations and Discipline .


The bonding between the Commission and the service is established by the office of the Secretary it processes requests from ministries, local authorities and different departments hence conveying, decisions of the Commission Service. The Administration Department delivers administrative services to the Commission. These include administrative duties and planning, accounts and finance, procurement services, human resource, Information Technology, relating with the public, legal and library services.


The Recruitment and Selection Department has the role of Facilitating recruitment which includes selection, appointing office holders and promoting staff. The Agenda Department has the role of Scrutinizing and processing requests from the Ministries, Human resources audit section has the role of Monitoring and evaluating the exercise delegation of powers.

The discipline department has the role of preparing discipline cases applications of appeals for further review by the Commission. The officers appear as witnesses during court cases.

In the examinations Department the section undertakes administrative and promotions of examination and vacancy position tests

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