Why You Need To Open A Hekima Account With Co-operative Bank In Kenya

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The year 2011 was a good year for co-operative Bank of Kenya, they won for the second year in a row, the Bank Of The Year award in Kenya. Things couldn't get any better for the Co-operative Bank in Kenya which has recently been congratulated on its embracing of modern technology in banking. The year 2013 has seen Co-operative Bank clinch the Most Green Bank in Kenya at the 2013 Energy Management Awards in Kenya. It seems the sky is the limit for this bank.

I recently visited one of the branches of co-operative bank in Nairobi along Mama Ngina Street near Dedan Kimathi Statue in city centre to see what's making everyone seem to be heading there because just recently we were being told Equity Bank in Kenya is the bank of the people.

With these hard economic times in Kenya, with almost every Kenyan crying be it of milk price, VAT or the ever rising fuel prices, Co-operative Bank in Kenya has the perfect solution for your saving problems in Kenya.

The friendly lady at the customer care in Co-operative Bank in Nairobi welcomed me warmly and showed me the various bank accounts available in Co-operative Bank in Kenya that someone can open.

This bank account in Co-operative Bank in Kenya called Hekima Account caught my interest. If you want to open the Hekima bank account in Kenya, you don't need to have an opening bank balance, operating balance or Maintenance fee, but most banks in Kenya are offering that anyways. The cookie in this deal is if you can't keep your cash in the bank for a month, like me, they know how to tame that, you will only be allowed to withdraw once per every 3 months and you have to withdraw over the counter since Hekima Account in Kenya has no ATM/Debit cards offered. Isn’t that a great deal? When you go drinking or shopping spree in Nairobi with your friends you won't be tempted to get out your ATM only to regret the next day after realizing you have used all your months’ savings.

I asked the lady at the Co-operative Bank Customer Care desk in the branch how I can open a Hekima account. To open a Hekima Account in Kenya is simple. A kenyan just needs to have an national identity card, to fill the customary forms in the bank and a bank account details and identification card on is given on the spot. This is easy, right?

Why don't you also visit the nearest co-operative bank branch in Kenya and we all keep it HEKIMA..

No better way to save money in Kenya than with Hekima Account in Co-operative Bank in Kenya.

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