Types Of Contracts Found In Kenya

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A contact is an agreement that binds two or more parties and is enforceable by law. The contacts should also give to rights and freedoms. In Kenya, the following types of contacts exist and one should be careful so as not to get confused when dealing with them.

Written Contracts

The contacts must be in written form. They involve an individual dealing with specialty matters. Examples of such contacts include the following major groups such as higher purchase contracts and marine insurance contracts.

Simple Contracts

These types of contracts don’t need any legal formalities when they are applied. They involve the sales of goods contacts and the various contracts dealing with matters pertaining partnerships. Such contracts are the most popular in the country as they are usually utilized by many categories of people.

Voidable contracts

The respective contacts can be cancelled by the decision of one party. It is not clear on what one should do but the contacts should be agreed by both parties to avoid being cancelled by the decision of one of them.

Void Contracts

Such types of contacts cannot be enforceable by the various forces of law hence they should be taken well care of. The reason for not following legal procedures is due to the lack of essentials of a valid contract.

Eivdence in writing contracts

They include coverage such as insurance contracts and contracts of guarantee.

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