Roles Of Kenya Revenue Authority

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The Kenya revenue authority is responsible for all the operations that govern the paying and collection of taxes in the country. It is good that the government gets the right type of people to work in the organization so as to get better ways of improving the tax system in the country. The following list comprises some of the major duties of the KRA.

Collection of taxes

The body is responsible for tax collection through a variety of procedures. The body has employed several people to cater for the process. Money is collected in the various business institutions and continues to be important for the government to achieve stable growth in its economic sector. Tax collection is the greatest source of revenue for the country.

Training Officials

New officials in the organization are well trained by the body to have well and various techniques on how they can operate and earn money for the country. Well trained officials make it easy for the country to achieve stable economic growth hence benefiting the tax system. Good experts are found by getting the right type of training upon joining a particular firm.

Determining taxation rates

The body is responsible for determining the amount of taxes to be paid by each body in the country. When the government notes some fluctuation in business, it will try to get the help of KRA officials and calculate the rates that can apply to various business operations and find a stable and convenient way of having a flexible tax system.

Allocation of licenses

Businesses cannot operate without licenses and hence they need to get reliable licenses from the body to be allowed to get and be allowed to venture into business. It is important for one to have the document to be allowed to carry out trade and earn money by have legal businesses.



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