Principles Governing Cooperative Societies In Kenya

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Cooperative societies in the country are rapidly growing to cater for the many number of customers joining them. Members belonging to any cooperative society in Kenya must observe the following principles that govern cooperative societies in the country.

Membership is open and voluntary

The firms are voluntary organizations that allow a person to join them and can be willing to be of great support in propelling the organization forward and ensuring that it achieves its set of objectives. No one is forced to join any cooperative in Kenya.

Democratic control by members

The firm includes democratic control whereby the given members will be responsible for making the decisions as to what areas of life need to be attended to giving each and every person some job to carryout

Economic participation by members

The members are promoted according to the business carried out by the cooperative rather than the capital invested. Each member has equal rights and can be able to take part in the cooperative just like any other person.

Autonomy and Independence

The cooperative will only enter into agreement by other companies basing on the decisions agreed upon by all members belonging to it. Everyone contributes their idea.

Education, Information and training

Members belonging to a certain cooperative always get the desired education from it. The body is responsible for the allocation of funds that can be used by its members to gain further studies and education.


Each cooperative society expects that the available members will work with one another in a friendlier and understanding manner to be able to cater for the needs of the organization. It is therefore important for them to work in unity with another.


Members of a particular cooperative society are encouraged to be highly concerned about the welfare of others and show high levels of caring attitudes.


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