Most Popular Open Markets In Kenya

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Open markets are market stores that are located outside a building in a marked area where business men are required to bid for the stalls which are owned by the county government. Open markets are the main Centre’s of business in the city due to their preference by several groups of people in the society mostly the middle class and the poor which comprise of more than two thirds of Kenya’s population and although business in this markets has of late been threatened by terror attacks witnessed in two of the markets Gikomba and Garissa Lodge Nairobi open markets remain the heart of business in the capital. Here are some of the open markets around Nairobi and its environs.

Gikomba market

This is the most popular shopping Centre in the country mostly used by mutumba business men which has served the country for a very long time as a source of business and even successfully outshining the local textile industries. The market also stocks items like household goods, cereals, food, electronics and other essential items which are cheap and affordable to Kenyans. Goods sold on these markets are majorly mutumba imports from Europe and America which are sold at very cheap prices hence businesses from the country side also get their stock from this market.

Toy market

Toy market is also a popular open market located in the Ngong road areas close to Jamuhuri estate which is commonly known for clothes that is mutumba and foodstuff originating from the country side which are highly preferred by the city residents who are afraid of vegetables originating from the city outskirts due to the fear of consuming crops grown in dumpsites. Toy market is known mostly for specific mutumba which are clothes for kids and bedroom and house accessories like bed sheets and window curtains.

Garissa lodge market

This is located in the now dreaded Eastleigh area in Nairobi which is known for stocking clothes available at an affordable price. Garissa lodge is said to have the best land latest clothe designs in Kenya at an affordable price mostly run by Somali business men and serves as market for both retailers and end customers where by discount is awarded depending on the number of items bought. It is however wrong to ignore the impending terror attacks that took place in this market prompting the government to deport illegal immigrants which has since affected business in the area and scared away customers though peace has now been reinstated in the area.

Muthurwa market

This is the closest of all open markets to the central business district located just a stone throw from Ronald ngala street down kirinyaga road near Machakos bus terminus. It is a market for a variety of items which include both Mutumba and new clothes and also food stuff, electronics, cerials and many more items like household goods. Prices hence vary depending on the market due to location and the specific good being procured though price negotiations are allowed. These markets make shopping interesting and cheap it is important that you try out.


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