Mobile Phone Repair Shops In Nairobi City In Kenya

by Kinlark-nafas Nafasi  - September 13, 2022

Kenyans have over time adapted to the use of mobile phones over land line phones in most parts of Kenya. The mobile phones out phased the telephone that existed in the streets of Nairobi and other major towns in Kenya. Then came the “simu ya jamii” frenzy where these call stations in Kenya sprouted in literally anywhere with an open space. You would make your call and pay the simu ya jamii attendant in Kenya the much you had incurred. Unlike the telephone booths in Kenya, you could set a timer so as to ensure that you do not incur a cost call way above your ability to pay. Nowadays, literally everyone has a mobile phone in Nairobi. Even school going kids have mobile phones in their possession in Kenya. This has been highly attributed to the fact that mobile phones have drastically dropped in price over the years in Kenya. Sometime back, when mobile phones idea came to Kenya, they were retailing for rather exorbitant prices going as much as KSH 250,000. Nowadays mobile phones in Kenya sell for as little as KSH 1,000 depending on the mobile phone model and specifications. As the case with most electrical appliances in Kenya, spoilage and breaks are inevitable to mobile phones. So where do you repair your mobile phone within Nairobi?

For most receipted mobile phone purchases in Kenya, a warranty not exceeding 12 months is usually given. This means that if your phone encounters some mishaps, you can have it made for no cost in the mobile brand such as sumsung, nokia etc in Kenya. However if the spoilage occurs after the expiry of the warranty of the mobile phone in Kenya, you would then have to foot your bill. There are many mobile repair shops in Nairobi all over town especially in the dense River Road area. However, most of these mobile phone repairers in Nairobi are quacks that will only spoil your phone further. People who own Samsung and Nokia phones in Kenya are on an advantage as there are care centers located within the city centre of Nairobi. The Samsung care centre in Nairobi is located along Mama Ngina Street while the Nokia repair centre in Nairobi is located the Mama Ngina Street on Hilton building in the city of Kenya. Nokia centre in Nairobi has recently launched a V.I.P care centre along Argwings Kodhek Road on Remak Plaza in Nairobi.

However, for those who own other models of phones in Kenya, you can have repairs done on your phone at most mobile phone shops in Nairobi such as Samchi Telecommunications along Tom Mboya Street in Nairobi. There is another mobile phone repair shop opposite the Supreme High Court in Nairobi, on Ellis House.

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