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In kenya Goods are  packaged to ensure all the safety and retention of their value; packaging ensures efficiency in warehousing and transportation. The packaging should be appropriate for the retail environment. It is one of the final stages of any manufacturing company. Packaging is a crucial stage because the method used for packaging will determine if the goods retain their value and incase of shipment it will determine if the goods arrive in good condition.

Kenya has several packaging services offered in different companies, some of these packaging companies include; Dodhia packaging services ltd, this factory is located in Kampala road in industrial area, it servers Eastern and central Africa, its cartons are customized according to the need of the client. Dhodhia company has managed to win loyalty of several companies including, Bidco company, Primarosa company, Zena Roses company, Gsk, Ketepa company, British American Tobacco, PZ cussons, Tuzo, Simbi roses, Medivet products and Laize flowers ltd.

Dune packaging company ltd, this company specialize in manufacturing of polythene paper bags, they supply to leading organizations in Kenya and in East Africa. They package products  in kenya of bakeries, courier, farms, fisheries, hospitals, food industry and supermarkets.

kenya Packaging industries ltd, the company is located in Lunga Lunga opposite Rai ply, they manufacture flexible packaging products, their address is P. O Box 48811, Lunga Lunga Nairobi, Mobile No: +254 20 551 451. Dune Packaging Company, this packaging company specializes in polythene packaging and cartons, it is located in Thika Telephone No: +254 20 350350.

Direne Packaging company is located in kenya.nairobi,Koinange street,  near booking office of crown bus, the company specializes in different types of packaging according to customers specifications. Statpack packaging offers packanging services, it covers a wide range of products including masking tapes, statwrap, linx machines and coders, paper cores and shrink sleeves. It has offices in Kampala, Kenya an Tanzania.

Packaging of gifts is a need of many Kenyan especially for weddings, birthdays and valentine day, some of the companies offering this service is wrap it up Kenya, Ramco group and company, basket in group packaging. Gift packaging Box company which specializes in custom made gift cartons. Gifting wraping and packaging service, the company is located in Karen, it specializes in making of gift bags

The benefits of packaging is that without it food will come in to contact with all sorts of dirt, germs, Packaging helps in product stability in shelves or in fridges, packaging provides information of what is inside like the production date, the manufacturer of the product, the nutritional content and all the important information that the consumer needs to know. Transportation and portability is made easy when goods are packaged, packaging also offers some crucial information of how to prepare and how to keep the product for safety measures.

Homemade packaging is also very important for those who have to package their lunch for safaris and clothes, for food packaging ensure that you keep the hygiene, ensure the lunch box is tight to avoid spoilage of food. When going for safari package the important documents first, this will include your identification documents which might be required, keep the electronics and cameras in water proof bags.

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