How To Start A Laundry And Dry Cleaning Business In Kenya

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Dirt in every day’s activity is unavoidable no matter what activity is involved. After the acquirer of dirt in garments, many people hate to be involved in the cleaning process of these dirty garments in form of clothes, footwear and any other wear that may have gotten dirty. In the process of cleaning and doing laundry which many people dislike, various people have seen it as a business idea and have thought of making it a business by providing the laundry services at a fee.

Laundry and Dry cleaning services business is one of the lucrative business that may be very profitable especially urban areas if set up using the best procedures. Many people in the urban areas are busy and have no time for doing laundry. This therefore creates the demand for the services. Other clothes such as suits require special cleaning procedures and therefore the Dry cleaning services comes in. For anyone who has had the thought of starting this lucrative business, several steps are to be followed in order for the business established to be prosperous and compete with other business offering the same services around. To start up the business and be profitable, the following steps should be followed;

Creation of a Strong Business Plan

You need to create a strong business plan which will be the guide in the development process and act as an outline for everything that needs to be done to reach the goals as well as have all the details on the costs, cash flow, laundry and dry cleaning equipment maintenance provisions and other business concerns. This business plan also helps in the sharing of the business ideas with the potential investors who may provide the business capital needed to start the business.

Acquisition of Business Permits, Insurances and Licenses

Since it is a legal business and you tend to operate it legally which is an advantage to earn your customers’ trust, you should contact the authorities concerned with this types of business to get legal permits, insurances and licenses for the business operations and also adhere to all local, provincial and state guidelines for the business operations. Apart from the authorities, you should also contact the internal revenue services, Kenya Revenue Authority to get an employer identification number which will enable you to hire employees and establish checking accounts for your business.

Business Location

Setting the business should also put into considerations the area or location it will operate from. The choice of the location is very important as it will influence the kind of customers who ask for your services. The location should be easily accessible and near building offices or small clinic who will be your frequent customer or possibly in a building which formerly used to operate the same type of business. This will help to attract the customers which were there as well as reduce the hustle of buying several equipment. The building or your room of operation should be large enough to provide room for reception area, sorting area, storage for all the chemicals and machinery as well as areas to hang all the finished clothing and other items.

Purchase of Equipment

The equipment for use in the business should be purchased from reputable dealers or purchase from an inventory which is closing as they will be cheaper some of which include conveyors, laundry hot leads, foam finishers, shirt finishers, and other machines to accommodate all clothing and household items brought for cleaning. However, new equipment are preferred as they will be energy- and water efficient and will meet modern environmental standards.

Hiring of Staff/Personnel

For any business to go on with their operations, they require staff or personnel and this business is therefore no exception. The hiring process should be very efficient to ensure that the staff employed have the best experience and trustworthy in the provision of these services. The employees required may include a delivery driver if among your services are delivery and collection of laundry as well as an alternation specialist.

Marketing the Business

After all the processes in the setting up of the business, you should finally market the business for your potential customers to know that the business is in operation and its specific location as well as the services that the business is offering. The activities may include offering coupon especially in Social Media for individuals to try your services.


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