How Safaricom Made It To The Top In Kenya

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The company started in 1997.Michael Joseph is the man behind its for less than 15 years in the market. He is credited to have managed the company well before his responsibilities were passed on to the current manger. The current manager who is Bob Collymore has not failed to deliver. Safaricom made it to the top because of developing three strategies. The three strategies employed include;

Mobile Money Transfer [M-Pesa]

The introduction of this service yielded a lot of positive results for the company. The service was introduced in 2007.It is simply a service used by Safaricom customers to send and receive money from as far as the United Kingdom. It is also used to pay bills such rent and electricity. Before its introduction, people used services like the post office which were expensive and sometimes took long. The challenges that Kenyans faced in the past forced them to choose this service therefore the growth of Safaricom was fostered more. The service has been sought by other competitors in the industry although its success is still improving. Anyone who is interested in registering for the service only requires a Safaricom sim card and an identification card.

Billing per second

This means that Safaricom subscribers were to be charged per second depending on the time spent on calls. The introduction of this service earned the company a great amount of revenue. Earlier the calls were charged per every minute but when Safaricom introduced this strategy, it attracted many subscribers due its cheapness. This was started around the year 2000 when mobile were expensive.

The Internet

Safaricom ventured into the internet business offering data bundles and internet services to its subscribers. The company has enabled access of internet through phones and computers. Atlist fifty percent of those using internet prefer Safaricom because it is cheap and fast. The service provides the company with a lot income. The introduction of the service was simply the best strategy.

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