How DIPEK Works In Kenya

how dipek works in kenya


DIPEK program is an ICT creation and an initiative that incorporates several companies and the government in Kenya. Among the many companies, there is the Pillar Technologies Limited in Kenya. DIPEK aims at empowering ambitious and innovative Kenyans through job creation and business development in Kenya. You need to understand well how the program works before you enrol.

The compensation plan of DIPEK program works where a Kenyan involved earn from every person they bring into their network of business. The earnings under DIPEK in Kenya are in two ways: Registration income and airtime income.

Since a Kenyan is getting a lifetime customer who will register only once, they get one time commission for the registration that takes place or when there is a purchase of PTL business system in Kenya. The worker of DIPEK then monthly gets an income from the airtime the person loads every month at a prescribed percentage that is set by DIPEK. In addition, the registration income is paid weekly the following week, and airtime income is paid every month on the following month. This means that the payments of the work done through DIPEK takes place during the weeks and at the end of every month following the month of doing the work.

How the DIPEK program makes profits- a detailed training is done to make people in Kenya aware of the profit making ideas and encouraging them to owning a business that earns them a profit. The program system allows the worker to generate profits from the airtime they use and from the airtime their network use. This payment is set equally for all the distributors with the company in Kenya. The payment varies with the network size of the workers.

How the DIPEK program Pay- the program remits its payments through Orange money. The workers are able to reinvest their earnings and could pay bills with the payments. The program in Kenya never uses loyalty points or airtime as payment in any case. This type of business falls under network marketing.

If you are interested in joining this fastest growing business venture, join DIPEK.

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