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Hawking Business In Kenya: What To Buy Along The Streets Of Nairobi

hawking business in kenya what to buy along the streets of nairobi


Hawking business in Nairobi has over time faced challenges and more so from the city council askaris in Kenya who bag and bundle the Nairobi traders and their wares to the awaiting city council vans. Once too often, you will encounter Nairobi hawkers scampering for safety and even dropping their wares as they ran away from the authorities in Nairobi town in Kenya. The peddlers in Nairobi town have however out beaten the askaris in Nairobi to some extent. The hawkers in Nairobi usually display their goods on some collapsible cotton boxes. This means that the hawkers in Nairobi can easily dismantle the display, gather their wares and run before getting caught by the authorities.

In as much as the city council of Nairobi askaris are working towards containing the hawkers and sellers in one strategic position in Nairobi, we all have to admit these Nairobi hawkers can save the day in more ways than one. You will easily find affordable goods in Nairobi without putting in too much searching effort.

Water bottles in Nairobi: Water bottles come in handy over the hot weather in Nairobi. The plastic water bottles in Nairobi go for an affordable KSH 100, as compared to supermarkets such as Nakumatt, Turskys, Uchumi, Ukwala, Naivas and others within the city of Nairobi that sell the same water bottle, (of different brands though) at a whooping KSH 300 and above.

Shoes in Nairobi: There is a new fashion bug that has bitten most Nairobi ladies when it comes to shoes. Yes, the doll shoes craze in Nairobi! You will find many varieties of doll shoes displayed by the hawkers in Nairobi. The Nairobi hawkers sell their shoes of all colors and sizes along Tom Mboya Street in Nairobi.

Belts in Nairobi: The luminous coloured thin waist belts are also a favorite amongst most Nairobi fashionistas. The belts in Nairobi can be found on the hawker displays in Nairobi Town. The belts for sale by Nairobi hawkers range from a relatively affordable KSH 100 to KSH 200 or thereabout. Belts are usually sold especially the area towards Ngara in Nairobi opposite Universal church in Nairobi.

Earrings in Nairobi: Hawkers in Nairobi are nowadays selling fancy button earrings for as low as KSH 30. These earrings in Nairobi can be majorly found with the hawkers along Tom Mboya Street, near the Tuskys Beba Beba Branch in Nairobi city centre. The hawkers in Nairobi also have bowtied head bands to accessorize with the earrings.

Chiffon tops in Nairobi: This chiffon top wear is the latest fashion dressing to grace our fashion world in Nairobi. Chiffon tops in Nairobi coupled with Chino pants are the fashion statement of the fashion season in Kenya. These Nairobi hawkers are selling these fashionable tops for as low as KSH 100 along the corridors in Nairobi ranging from Tom Mboya Street towards downtown area as far as OTC stage in Nairobi.

Clearly, most of your fashion needs in Nairobi will be addressed with very little effort here in the streets of Nairobi. It is wise to carry with you money of little denominations as you do not want a Nairobi  hawker scampering away with your change, and of course his goods too.

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