Exercise Books Manufacturing Industries In Kenya

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Books are the most important commodity that are required by the students and pupils in all the learning institutions ranging from Kindergarten, Primary schools, and Secondary schools to Universities and colleges. This therefore creates the best and highest demand of these books in the market by these learners. Most of the books are manufactured as ruled or lined and of varied pages with the lowest number of pages being 32 pages and these books are majorly for the Kindergarten kids and the highest number of pages is 200 pages designed for the advanced student of high schools and institutions of higher learning.

Books in the manufacturing processes can possess various designs and sizes. They can be processed being hardcover, with either sizes ranging from A2 to A6 and also as loose leaf for use as foolscaps. The manufacturing industries ensure that the books are available in the market to curb the high demand by providing the best quality. The industries which manufacture the best quality of exercise books in Kenya include:

Kartasi Industries Ltd

This is one of the well-established industry which manufacture the highest quality of exercise books and other educational stationary that can be used in schools, offices and homes. They manufacture these books in all sizes and in them, they ensure that they meet the users taste and quality. They have other products of exercise books such as graph books, plain books for drawing and present them in all sizes to ensure that all the users are covered.

Twiga Stationery and Printers Ltd

This is a corporation industry which offer combined services of providing stationery products as well as hygiene products and recycle waste paper and pulp services. Within the stationary sector of production and services, they produce the commonly known KASUKU exercise books which is the flagship brand made from quality non-blotting papers epitomizing quality passion and ambition and CROWNBIRD exercise books products which include exercise books, graph books, Sketch pads for drawing as is the value for money stationary range made from newsprint.

Elite Offset Ltd

They are the manufacturer of KONGONI and ZEBRA exercise books and stationary products and they also distribute them to East Africa. The most best exercise books that they produce include the KONGONI and ZEBRA nursery series exercise books which are made of the best quality that can cater for the needs of the writing-practicing children, KONGONI and ZEBRA primary/secondary newsprint series designed for the more advanced students and this goes hand in hand with the quality of paper used in their manufacturing as well as the KONGONI and ZEBRA graph books for the drawing of graphs and mathematical diagrams.

Kenafric industries Ltd

This is a large manufacturing industry of confectionary food, footwear and stationary in Kenya. They produce among the best quality of books in the Kenyan market and therefore are able to compete with the best products from other stationary manufacturing industries. Among their best quality exercise books which are common are the super star books, the A-star exercise books which are designed with various types of covers from the hardcover, rough and soft covers for the general purpose of all level of users.








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