ePayduka Online Marketing Service In Kenya: A Digital Shopping Mall Set To Revolutionize Publishing And Writing In Kenya

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There comes a time when a Kenyan somewhere decides to venture into writing business in Kenya. Article writing in Kenya and freelance writing in Kenya is catching on very first. However, as many writers in Kenya would tell you, the niche for writing in Kenya transcends the writing of articles. When this happens you start thinking about writing a book. This is when you quickly discover that getting your book published by a publishing house in Kenya is much harder than you thought. In fact, unless your book has to do with academics, the chances of getting your book published in Kenya are slim indeed. The good news is many writers in Kenya can and indeed do their won book publishing. However, writing the book is just the first step. You have to market the book in Kenya and beyond. This is where ePayduka company in Kenya comes in.

Let’s face it self publishing a book in Kenya requires a huge investment. The way to go would be publishing a digital book in Kenya to reduce the costs. A company such as ePayduka Company in Kenya allows you to sell your digital products in Kenya to other Kenyans and the world at large. This ePayduka Company service in Kenya allows book vendors in Kenya to register at https://epayduka.com/ so that you can showcase your digital products. Once you register with ePayduka Company in Kenya, you can effectively direct others to the ePayduka Company website in Kenya so that they can purchase your digital products online in Kenya. Although it is a fledgling company, writers in Kenya would do well to showcase their digital products online here at ePayduka Company. This is because digital products in Kenya do not go stale. As long as the digital products in Kenya are on the internet, there is a chance that someone will buy the digital products such as books in Kenya.

The ePayduka online marketing of digital products service in Kenya provided by ePayduka Company in Kenya enables book vendors in Kenya to receive their payment via Mpesa services in Kenya. This makes it easier for writers in Kenya as lengthy transactions are done away with. However, not all writers in Kenya can write a book, but many writers can write articles in Kenya. This ePayduka Company service that provides online marketing in Kenya also allows article writers in Kenya to post their articles and let others buy them. Books and articles in Kenya are not the only digital products in Kenya that you can sell on ePayduka marketing service in Kenya. You can sell business templates in Kenya, software in Kenya and website resources in Kenya on thePayduka online service in Kenya too. You can also purchase digital products in Kenya from ePayduka Company by using Mpesa, Skrill or Paypal payment services in Kenya. The advantage of ePayduka website in Kenya is that buyers and sellers of online digital products can access it from anywhere in the world. This gives your Kenyan digital products a global market that can turn sales into profit.

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