Companies that offer Online Payroll Processing Services in Kenya

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Employment in Kenya being scarce and widespread among the citizens can also be enjoyable if the people are able to access it. Kenyan employment has improved in accordance with the technological advancement that the world is experiencing. This has made many people even from abroad to seek employment in Kenya due to the good services of employment and how their payment process are conducted.

Technology has enabled the processing of payrolls online through the internet and many of the companies and employers have put that into consideration from its benefits since this processing is fast, effective and time saving. This therefore reduce the cost and expenses that could be used in the manual processing of Payrolls. Companies have established and developed under this objective to offer the payroll services to companies and any entrepreneur who could be interested with the services. This is one business idea that is more profitable as payroll are required monthly and therefore these companies have demand and customers throughout.

Companies in Kenya that offer the best online services include;

HIFIN Solutions: this is the major company in this area as it develop and supply various software that are used in the provision of the online payroll services. Their software ensure that they cover all the areas in the payroll which may include the payroll and Human Resource processing on Kenyan standards, Banking and payment processing, Loan and Saving Management, Payroll budgeting with Human Resource Management as well as generation of Reports with the Human Resource Management. They supply their software branded “Aruti payroll system” and have general advantages on the online payroll services such as tracking all employees earning, deductions and benefits, manages employees costing distribution, banking services as well as payroll history. This software also ensure that there is verification of the data entry and accurate payment details of all the employees.

COMP-RITE Kenya Limited: as a locally owned and operated company their core focus is to ensure that all their services are technology focused. Among the services that they offer, they develop and supply customized software and technology based solutions to diverse range of corporations. The most common software that they offer include the Pay100 Plus for easy, fast and easy payroll processing as well as isharePro for easy share registration. They offer among the best services in online payroll processing which is accurate, up-to-date with back up for the previous periods. The major benefits of their services is that it is secure, faster processing, timely processing and report delivery.

Data Centre Limited: they offer and provide outstanding payroll services to the world businesses and ensure that their customers are satisfied with their services. Their Online Payroll processing services are easy, friendly and efficient as they provide them to the companies that are interested with. The benefits of using their payroll outsourcing and processing services is because they are less costly than very large bureau or accountants, no hidden extra costs, services are guaranteed and no long-term lock-in. due to long operation in the outsourcing and processing market, they have the necessary experience with high qualified personnel who will serve their clients with realistic and cost-effective services.

Insight Consultancy Services (K) Ltd: they offer administration of their clients’ payroll which their clients may see it as difficult and costly. They therefore have the adequate staff who can relieve their clients from the management of these payrolls by providing comprehensive and confidential payroll services. some of the features that they use to manage the payrolls in a certain company may include user defined payroll, earning and deduction codes, Loan processing, tracking down loan details, producing and printing loan repayment schedule, printing of reports which are involved in all the transactions as well as offer instant viewing of an employee payslips.

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