Challenges Facing The Achievement Of Industrialization In Kenya

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Kenya as a country is struggling to make steps towards the achievement of vision 2030 which is a blueprint that guides Kenya to become an industrialized nation by then. However, there are several factors that are hampering the attainment of industrialization in Kenya and they include;

Stiff competition; Many local industries that are struggling to grow face competition from the foreign industries that produce similar goods which are cheaper. Example is the textile industry in Kenya which faces stiff competition from imports such as the mitumba. Paper and food processing industries in Kenya also face Kenya competition from foreign industries.

Inadequate power supply; In Kenya, power supply is not always reliable and whenever there is a shortage, industries are the ones that suffer a lot of losses. High oil prices in Kenya also affect the industries that use oil as a source of energy. This also makes the goods that have been produced to be expensive.

Preference of imported goods over local goods; most Kenyans think that goods produced in the country are normally of inferior quality. Therefore they only want to buy imported goods. Kenyans should be made to change this perspective if the local industries are expected to grow.

Workers strikes; Strikes by workers also interrupt activities in the industries and considering that the strikes are too frequent, the losses become high. This also destabilizes productivity and functions of companies due to loss incurred during the periods of the strikes.

Inadequate raw materials; many industries experience shortage in raw materials for example lack of coal and iron has hindered growth of heavy industries. Inadequate supply of cotton has led to the closure of textile industries.

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