Challenges faced By Trade Unions In Kenya

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Trade unions are the platforms of employees to air their grievances. They are association of employees whose responsibility is to defend the interest of employees to their employers. There role is to fight for better working of workers in the country. In Kenya, COTU is the governing body of all trade unions. Its current leader is Atwoli Bifwoli who has steered the association for along with positive impact. Although it has experienced a number of successes, it also has experienced difficulties in its duties. Some challenges include;


It is one of the recent challenges that the association faces. Technology has grown quickly in the country. It has created unemployment in the process leaving most of the people jobless. The association is struggling to make sure that their members do not lose jobs. The machines that have been introduced have replaced the work that was done by people.

Mismanagement of funds

Funds that are allocated for various duties have ended up being used wrongly by a few individuals. It is important to note that when these fund are misused the objectives of the organization are not met effectively.


Politicians have taken advantage of the association making it a platform for campaigns. Many of them divert the attention of the association to politics while its main objective is to fight for the rights of workers. The selfish members of the association have used it to acquire funds from the particular politicians.

The Law

The legal system in Kenya has made it impossible to implement is objectives due to its weakness. Labour inspections are not frequently undertaken therefore discouraging the growth of the association. The labour laws are also inadequate compared to international labour laws standards and therefore the challenges concerned with employment cannot be tackled.

Splitting of Unions

Unions are always faced with separations problems. It is unfortunate that some of these associations end up breaking down completely in the long run. Unity is essential because it will bring more strength, knowledge and expertise.

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